“U” for Unique: Path of Exile Guide for Getting Exclusive items

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Not all items are equal, which is true in every RPG, including Path of Exile (PoE). In Wraeclast, and now in the newly opened Oriath, certain items that are unique. If you’re clueless to what they consist of, how to get them, and which ones to get, then read on so that you can familiarize yourself with Unique Items in PoE.

What Makes Items Unique?

First, what’s a Unique Item? According to PoE’s definition, it’s an item that has an exact name, an artwork of its own, with a predetermined set of modifiers. Unlike the usual items with names that follow their modifiers and appearance that follows a certain archetype, exclusive items have a distinctive, one-of-a-kind look and name. Also, they are unchanging modifiers that are the same for every copy.

However, despite how much love item’s get from the creators, they’re not best-in-slot things since they’re not superior to high-level rare stuff. Even if they’re not the highest of all top-tier gear, many players still want to get their hands on them because they can create builds precisely centered on these items.

Drops and Orbs

There are ways to get Unique Items. The most basic way is getting stuff as drops from normal monsters. Their drop rates vary from one kind of Unique Item to another. The developers made it this way so that those who serve as integral pieces for a particular build are common, making the builds that arise from these items accessible. Meanwhile, the powerful Unique Items remain as rare drops.

Another way to obtain rare stuff is with the Orb of Chance, which you’ll use on an average item to make it a rare one. However, the chances of this succeeding are small, so don’t expect to get a Unique Item with this method. For certain league-specific things, you’ll need to be in particular maps with mods from Zana’s device. Vaal Orbs let players get unique things, but unlike Orbs of Chance, it will only give away specific exclusive items, which requires certain base things. It’s a sure way to get Unique Items, but an insufficient one, so don’t bother with this approach if the rare things that you want and/or need aren’t achievable with this method.

For a Cheap Price or As a Prize?

PoE’s unique mechanic lets players obtain certain items by selling a particular set of things to any vendor in-game with Vendor Recipes. The stuff that you can get here are Unique Items, so watch out for what items you have to sell in case there’s an exclusive item within the Vendor Recipe items that you want or need. Besides, there are Master Vendors, who sell Unique Items from time to time. Usually, they’re standard Unique Items, but if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to buy something out of the ordinary.

There’s a chance to win one-of-a-kind exclusives. Hopefully, this gets you pumped to join the contests Grinding Gear Games will have in the future. Also, we are currently having a Giveaway for PoE Orbs and Items. Take advantage before time runs out!

There are lots of Unique Items out there. In fact, many of them are crucial for certain builds. If you need one or two, then hopefully these steps have been a great help. Now get out there and grab PoE things and amplify your Weapons.

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