What to Know About PoE Crucible League

PoE Crucible League
By | April 18th, 2023 | Categories: Path of Exile

The latest Path of Exile League is seen as one of the more successful expansions of the game. Many players have been having a blast trying out the new mechanic. If you are just coming back to the game or haven’t started this latest chapter yet, then you should learn what to expect from this update. Here is everything you need to know about the Crucible League: 

Background for the Crucible League

Before we get into the new features, it is a good idea to provide a bit of context to the updated lore of the game. The latest expansion revolves around the story of ancient beings known as the Titans who once hammered and shaped Wraeclast during its early days. The long-forgotten power of these beings can now be channeled into your weapon by using various forges scattered throughout the land. Embed the might of the Titans into your hands and become a powerful entity in Wraeclast.

For this expansion, there are tons of new things other than the new mechanic. Some of these have been requested by players for a very long time now. Here are the changes you should expect from the Crucible League:

  • New Endgame Improvements
  • New Support Skill and Vaal skill gems
  • New Unique Items
  • Atlas Gateways
  • Improved Breaches and Abyss
  • Additional Passive Tree Masteries
  • Reworks to the Saboteur and Pathfinder classes

The Crucible Mechanic

The highlight of this expansion is the introduction of the Crucible Forges. These new points of interest will allow players to empower their weapons even further. There are tons of forges scattered throughout Wraeclast, so you will have multiple chances to upgrade your items. However, the process is not easy and safe.

The process of forging is a channeling process, so it will take you a while to empower your items. In addition, you will be besieged by molten monsters that will prevent you from completing your goal. The more mobs that converge, the stronger the elite will be. How hard these encounters will be will depend on you. 

In essence, Crucibles will allow players to introduce skill trees to their chosen weapons alongside the effects the item currently has. These pathways are randomized and will vary from weapon to weapon. Crucibles can only be added to 2H, 1H, and off-hand shields. Bows are counted as 2H, and quivers cannot be used on the forge.

The Titan’s Forge

One notable end-game improvement is the Forge of the Titans. These dark ancient areas will allow you to further explore the new mechanics by enabling you to smelt your weapon or craft them with another one. This new feature is one the most rewarding ways to min-max your build. The results of these processes are highly unpredictable and can have varying results. However, if you manage to pull off a successful forge, then you may walk out with one of the most powerful weapons in your arsenal. Players should note that the Forge only works for non-unique items. 

The Crucible Weapon Path

The process of imbuing your weapons with the power of Titans is fairly straightforward. Each weapon will have its passive skill trees, which you progress through as you gain more experience. However, you only have limited points and can only allocate them to select tiers. Some abilities are more valuable than others, and some can be sold to NPCs for good offers. However, these things are very rare, so you will need to be very lucky with them.

There are two notable types of passive in The Crucible, which are the skill and vendor ones. The most common one will be the former, which increases the weapons’ synergy with specific abilities. They will directly impact how you will build and develop your character. The former does not add any effects to the weapon in terms of combat. However, it does influence the currency you will get for vendoring the item. 

If you have made a mistake or think that one of the other unchosen nodes is better than what you have, you can always respecc to another tier. Players can use Orb of Scouring to remove a specific passive skill to re-earn Crucible Experience. They can then reallocate these points to their preferred tree.

New Currency, Magmatic Orb

This new orb is tied directly to the Crucible League as it is mainly relevant to the forging process. These currencies are itemized forms of experience for the mechanic. Using them on the weapon of your choice will allow you to progress it in its Crucible tree. Alternatively, you can also trade them with other players. 

New Atlas Gateways

Every League we get some sort of rework or improvement to the Altas Passive Tree. This chapter takes these reworks a step further as a new system has been introduced to make builds more efficient and less costly. The Atlas Gateways have been introduced in this League as a way for players to access various nodes at various ends of the tree. Instead of building a connected network of multiple skills, you can now directly access abilities that are far apart. This system will open up more options and provide gamers with more flexibility in their build. 

Abyss Rework

It has been a while since we saw an update to the Abyss Mechanic in the game, so getting some improvements on it is something everyone can get behind. All Abyssal Depths are guaranteed to have an Abyssal Lich, and players can gain Stygian Spires instead of finding the usual chest rewards. Gamers are also guaranteed to get a four-hole Abyss alongside Depths. 

Breach Rework

Aside from the Abyss, the Breach system is also getting a huge overhaul this season. Normal Breachstones will now be replacing Charged, Pure, and Enriched Variations, and they will only occur at a high level. However, we will be able to improve the challenges by enhancing Flawless Breachestones with Blessings or via the Atlas Map. Players should also expect some changes to the following:

  • Breach Scarabs
  • Betrayal Safehouse
  • Breachstones from Kiracs
  • Breach Harvest Crafting option
  • Fragment Stash Tab
  • Breach Divination Cards
  • Breach Unique Items
  • Breach Atlas Passive

New Unique Items

New Leagues are not complete without the introduction of new unique items. These named weapons or gear are more powerful than their based counterparts, and they become even stronger depending on their mods. Here are all the known uniques added for the Crucible League:

  • Widowhail Crude Bow
  • El’Abin’s Visage Fencer Helm
  • Blood Price Reaver Helmet
  • Tainted Pact Coral Amulet
  • Stormseeker Ambush Mitts
  • Ancestral Vision Viridian Jewel
  • Soulbound Paua Ring

Vaal Skill Gems

We have several new notable Vaal Skill gems being added to this League. We only have a few items on the list right now, but it has been confirmed that GGG might add more later on in the Crucible League. Here are the latest Vaal Skill Gems for this expansion: 

  • Vaal Reap
  • Vaal Lightning Arrow
  • Vaal Arctic Armor
  • Vaal Absolution

Masteries Revamp

There will also be some changes to how characters are built with their Masteries. There will be several new clusters like Link Skills, Stun Mitigation, and Marks. Half of the skills in the Passive Tree have also been improved, so make sure to explore your characters’ setup the next time you get in.

Saboteur and Pathfinder Overhauls

There will be some very noticeable changes to the Saboteur and Pathfinder Ascendancies in this league. These improvements will allow each specialization to become more effective and efficient in combat. Here are the changes coming to these Ascendancies:

  • Saboteur – Players will have the option to specialize in Triggered Skills and CD reduction. There will also be new abilities that will allow Saboteurs to increase the cooldown of enemy skills, so it will take them a long time to re-use them.
  • Pathfinder – PFs can now turn to change several skills into Concoction-types, which enables them to add more effects to their abilities in exchange for flask charges.

Ruthless League Update

While there aren’t many reworks for the Ruthless mode, the Crucible update will kick off an event that will entice many hardcore players. This season will start with a boss kill event with the prize being able to work with the GGG’s design team for the next set of Unique Items. The objective of this competition is to be the first player to clear Uber Searing Exarch and Uber Eater of Worlds in Ruthless Hardcore SSF. In addition to working with the company, the winner will also get an Ultra VIP ticket to the next ExileCon this coming July. The second and third-place clearers will also receive tickets. 

Aside from the competition, there are notable changes to the Ruthless mode. The most significant one is the re-introduction of the Eternal Orbs, which was removed from the game seven years ago. GGG has deemed that Ruthless Mode is far too punishing and that Eternal Orbs will not be a game-breaking addition to it. In addition, there will also be new challenges that are unique to this mode, so players will feel more rewarded for running Ruthless. 

Check Out Crucible League Now

Some other updates and changes have been introduced to the game, but players should experience them first-hand. This league is said to be a cut above the previous ones, so gamers should expect more enjoyable and thrilling gaming sessions. Make sure to check the patch notes if you want more specific details. 

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