Brutality Cyclone Raider

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The Brutality Cyclone Raider aka Cyclone Starforge Ranger (Raider) makes the usually tricky Raider simple and effective. It has fast clear times and high single-target damage. It also has considerable survivability, as the build is recommended to have 8% life leech with Vaal Pact. However, the costs are high to perfect this build, with mediocre defenses. On the other hand, it’s a solid build for the class, and therefore, worth adopting. Let’s go in nose first with this article.

Passive Skill Tree and Skill Gem Requirements

For the passive skills, check here.

  • Skill gem: your bread and butter are Cyclone, a skill where the user spins twice as he or she tries to move to a particular location, hitting nearby enemies with AOE damage in its path. The spin’s speed fast as the user’s attack speed and hits twice if the user is dual-wielding. The skill gem should have Melee Damage, Brutality, Maim, Increased AOE, and Faster Attacks as support gems.
    • The second most important skill gem is Leap Slam, with Faster Attacks, and Fortify as support gems for faster and safer map movement.
    • Ancestral Warchief, Melee Physical Damage, Faster Attacks, Brutality, Maim, and Ruthless.
  • Cast when damage is taken: Immortal call, Increased Duration, and Vaal Haste for enhanced speed and protection, especially when under attack.
    • Warlord’s Mark or Vulnerability with Blasphemy as Support, and Haste to increase your damage against mobs, as well as your movement speed.


  • Weapon (Starforge): switch with Atziri’s Disfavor for +1 Weapon Range in exchange for slightly lower DPS.
  • Helmet (Devoto’s Devotion): alternatives include Alpha’s Howl for better mana replenishment and freeze immunity, or another suitable rare helmet.
  • Body (Carcass Jack): alternatives, such as Kaom’s Heart for a huge boost in HP, and Bronn’s Lithe for better offense.
  • Gloves: any good rare gloves, preferably Spiked Gloves, with attack speed and flat physical damage bonuses.
  • Boots: Atziri’s Step.
  • Accessories: Paua Amulet for necklace; Two Sapphire Rings and Rustic Sash with bonuses to resistances, physical damage, life, armor, and intelligence.
  • Flasks: other than the staple Life Flask, have a Quicksilver Flask for increased attack speed, The Writhing Jar (unique Hallowed Hybrid Flask), Lion’s Roar (unique Granite Flask), and Basalt Flask.


For the Brutality Cyclone Raider, the best offense is a good defense. Well, with speed, this particular Raider build takes out its enemies, it’s no surprise.

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