Brutality Cyclone Raider

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The Brutality Cyclone Raider aka Cyclone Starforge Ranger (Raider) makes the usually tricky Raider simple and effective. It has fast clear times and high single-target damage. It also has considerable survivability, as the build is recommended to have 8% life leech with Vaal Pact. However, the costs are high to perfect this build, with mediocre defenses. On the other hand, it’s a solid build for the class, and therefore, worth adopting. Let’s go in nose first with this Path of Exile Builds article.

Passive Skill Tree and Skill Gem Requirements

For the passive skills, you’ll need for this particular build, refer to Grinding Games Limited.

As for the skill gems, your bread and butter are Cyclone, a skill where the user spins twice as he or she tries to move to a particular location, hitting nearby enemies with AOE damage in its path. The spin’s speed fast as the user’s attack speed and hits twice if the user is dual-wielding. The skill gem should have Melee Damage, Brutality, Maim, Increased AOE, and Faster Attacks as support gems.

The second most important skill gem is Leap Slam, with Faster Attacks, and Fortify as support gems for faster and safer map movement.

Other Gem Combos

  • Ancestral Warchief, Melee Physical Damage, Faster Attacks, Brutality, Maim, and Ruthless.
  • Cast when damage is taken, Immortal call, Increased Duration, and Vaal Haste for enhanced speed and protection, especially when under attack.
  • Warlord’s Mark or Vulnerability with Blasphemy as Support, and Haste to increase your damage against mobs, as well as your movement speed.

Best Unique Gear

  • Weapon (Starforge): switch with Atziri’s Disfavor for +1 Weapon Range in exchange for slightly lower DPS.
  • Helmet (Devoto’s Devotion): alternatives include Alpha’s Howl for better mana replenishment and freeze immunity, or another suitable rare helmet.
  • Body (Carcass Jack): alternatives, such as Kaom’s Heart for a huge boost in HP, and Bronn’s Lithe for better offense.
  • Gloves: any good rare gloves, preferably Spiked Gloves, with attack speed and flat physical damage bonuses.
  • Boots: Atziri’s Step.
  • Accessories: Paua Amulet for necklace; Two Sapphire Rings and Rustic Sash with bonuses to resistances, physical damage, life, armor, and intelligence.
  • Flasks: other than the staple Life Flask, have a Quicksilver Flask for increased attack speed, The Writhing Jar (unique Hallowed Hybrid Flask), Lion’s Roar (unique Granite Flask), and Basalt Flask.

For the Brutality Cyclone Raider, the best offense is a good defense. Well, with speed, this particular Raider build takes out its enemies, it’s no surprise.

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