Brutus Lead Sprinkler Berserker

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While most builds are centered on a particular active skill, the Brutus Lead Sprinkler Berserker is all about the weapon. Other than its iconic namesake weapon, it’s affordable and has good DPS, life. And while it doesn’t have a clear speed as high as other builds, it’s still very much a competent build.

Passive Skill Tree and Skill Gems

For the passive skill tree build, click here.

  • Core skill gem: have either Molten Strike or Sunder with Multistrike, Elemental Focus, Fire Penetration, and Elemental Support. If you have six sockets, have Increased Area of Effect for mobs, and Concentrated Effect for bosses.
  • Cast When Damage Taken Setup: have Increased Duration, Immortal Call for temporary invulnerability, and Vaal Haste to increase movement, attack, and cast speed.
  • Mobility and utility: have Shield Charge with Faster Attacks and Fortify. Add Blood Magic if there is another socket.
  • Aura setup: have Flammability, Arctic Armor, Herald of Ash, and Blasphemy.
  • Totem setup: have Ancestral Warchief with Concentrated Effect, Elemental Damage with Attacks, and Faster Attacks.


  • Weapon: Brutus Lead Sprinkler (Unique) for increased physical, elemental, and fire damage; attack speed; and critical strike chance.
  • Chest: any Rare six-socketed armor with elemental resistance, life, and strength potentials.
  • Helmet: any Rare six-socketed helm with elemental resistance, life, and strength potentials.
  • Gloves: Meginord’s Vase (Unique) for increased physical damage, strength, armor, and life regen.
  • Boots: Alberon’s Boots (Unique) for chaos damage and resistance, increased armor and strength, and +1 to a maximum number of skeletons.
  • Shield: Lycosidae (Unique) for increased life, armor, hits that can’t be evaded, the chance to block, and cold damage counterattack.
  • Accessories: Rare rings with bonuses to elemental resistances, strength, life, elemental damage with attack skills especially fire; Xoph’s Blood (Unique) for increased life, strength, fire resistance, fire resistance penetration versus enemies. It also allows you to cover enemies in ash, and gives Avatar of Fire.
  • Jewels: Rares with life and damage potentials; Wildfire (Unique) for extra projectiles with Molten Strike.
  • Flasks: Experimenter’s Basalt Flask of Staunching for melee and physical damage reduction, as well as immunity and removal of bleeding; The Wise Oak for elemental resistances; Surgeon’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline to increase movement speed; Experimenter’s Silver Flask of Heat for Onslaught, as well as chill and freeze immunity and removal; Rumi’s Concoction for +3000 Armor, and increased chance to block attacks and spells.


With its namesake weapon, the right gems, and the right gear, the Brutus Lead Sprinkler Berserker is simple, effective, unique, and most importantly, fun.

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