Frost Blades Berserker

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The Frost Blades Berserker is affordable, as well relatively easy and safe to play for a wide variety of reasons. It has a lot of HP, making it one tough tank. It also has Vaal Pact, which means it can only die to one-shots. It also has Life Steal, allowing you to recover the HP you lose by attacking. Lastly, it uses cold damage, which either freezes or chills enemies, making them unable to take any offensive action or make them too slow and therefore easily avoidable.

But on the downside, this build lacks natural regen due to Vaal Pact; requires Multistrike, which immobilizes the user for a short amount of time; and it receives 10% extra damage because of Aspect of Carnage. Nevertheless,

Gem Requirements

  • Frost Blades skill: allows the build to do ranged attacks despite the class being melee. Also, the skill can chill or freeze enemies. Linked to Frost Blades would be the following gems: Multistrike, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Cold Penetration, Fortify, and Melee Physical Damage/Increased Critical Damage/Added Cold Damage. Other gem groups include Herald of Ice, Curse on Hit, and Assassin’s Mark. This increases damage output.
  • Mobility: there is Leap Slam, Blood Magic, and Faster Attacks, which allows the use of Leap Slam more often, in turn allowing faster movement around maps. Finally, for utility, have Immortal Call and Frost Bomb linked to Cast when Damage Taken. This gives you a short time of invulnerability and makes your enemies more susceptible to Cold Damage.
  • Aura: have hatred, which increases cold damage based on physical damage.
  • Totem: it’s best to use Ancestral Protector


  • Unique sword: Terminus Est Now, if you’re going for rares, go with a body armor with 5 to 6 linked slots, and all gear should have affixes that grant any of the following in order of priority: Life, Resists, accuracy boosts, increased elemental and/or physical damage, and bonus Dex and Int attributes. On the other hand, if you’re going for Unique, the best in slots would be the following: Kaom’s Heart for Body, Starkonja’s Head for Helmet, Maligaro’s Virtuosity for gloves, Belt of the Deceiver for the belt, two pieces of Fight for Survival for jewels, and Atziri’s Promise for the Flask.


Solid as a glacier and painful as an icebreaker, the Frost Blades Berserker build can not only kill and disable but also take punishment to boot.

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