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Righteous Fire Chieftain

By | December 14th, 2017 | Categories: Melee Builds, Path of Exile Builds

DPS builds that are meant for clearing might be more common, but they’re not the best. Then again, there’s no such thing as the best build or the best type of build. The Righteous Fire Chieftain build, a tank is just as useful as any DPS clearing build. It’s probably even better in situations where survivability is more important than dealing damage. However, that’s not to say that the build is bad at dealing damage and clearing maps because it isn’t.

Passive Skill Tree and Skill Gems

For the passive skill tree, click here.

  • Core skill gem (Righteous Fire): should be in at least a four-socket linked gear, along with Elemental Focus, Burning Damage, and either Increased Area of Effect or Concentrated Effect. The latter is more recommended when fighting bosses for greater damage.
  • Shield Charge: for utility and mobility, and should have Faster Attacks, Fortify, and Increased Critical Strikes for extra attack speed and defense. Make sure to have Enduring Cry for increased life regeneration or Rallying Cry for increased damage.
  • Aura setup: have Purity of Fire and Vitality to increase fire resistance and regeneration, which allows you to have Righteous Fire activated most of the time. For the last slot, you can have Empower, Summon Stone Golem, or Enduring Cry if you also want it despite going for Rallying Cry in another gem socket.
  • Defensive setup: have Immortal Call for invulnerability for a short amount of time, Cast When Damage Taken, and Increased Duration, Vaal Grace, or even Enduring Cry if you opted for either Empower or Summon Stone Golem previously.


  • Weapon: Brightbreak (Unique) for much boost in attack speed.
  • Chest: Kaom’s Heart (Unique) for increased life and fire damage.
  • Shield: Rise of the Phoenix (Unique) for elemental and additional fire resistance, life regeneration, armor and energy shield, and increased movement speed, immunity to Ignite, and further fire resistance when low on life.
  • Belt: Belt of the Deceiver (Unique) for increased physical damage and resistances.
  • Gloves: Titan Gauntlets (Rare) for increased armor, life, and attack speed.
  • Boots: Kaom’s Roots (Unique) to prevent being knocked back, slowed, and increase life.
  • Accessories: Opal Rings (Rare) that increase maximum life; elemental resistances; especially fire; and strength. Marble Amulet with increased strength, fire damage, and life.
  • Jewels: any that has potentials for fire and burning damage, damage over time, and life.
  • Flasks: Basalt Flask for physical damage reduction, Sulphur Flask for increased damage and life regeneration, Ruby Flask to max fire resistance, Rumi’s Concoction to increase armor and chance to block, and Witchfire Brew to increase damage over time and inflict vulnerability curse to do more damage over time.

It’s a Wrap

Dealing damage and clearing maps is what the Righteous Fire Chieftain is all about. Thanks for reading!

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