Vaal Reave White Wind Champion

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From its name alone, the Vaal Reave White Wind Champion sounds like some awesome and noble fighter. Well, that’s because he is. If you’re the type that wants a cool melee build, then this one is for you. It has insane DPS and clear speed and has high evasion – White Wind indeed.

Passive Skill Tree and Skill Gems

For the passive skill tree, click here

  • Core Skill (Vaal Reave): have Elemental Damage with Attacks, Cold Penetration, Multistrike, Added Cold Damage, and Ice Bite support gems. For single targets, replace Vaal Reave with Blade Flurry.
  • Aura/Curse Setup: have Frostbite with Blasphemy Support, Vaal Grace, and Herald of Ice.
  • Movement Skill: have Whirling Blades with Faster Attacks and Fortify support.
  • Ancestral Warchief Setup: have Elemental Damage with Attacks, Faster Attacks, and Culling Strike support gems.
  • Cast When Damage Taken Setup: have Immortal Call with Increased Duration Support. Add Lightning Golem.


  • Weapon: White Wind (Unique) for 30% increased Global Critical Strike Chance, (160-190) to (280-320) Cold Damage, (10-15)% increased Attack Speed,+(300-400) to Evasion Rating, 20% chance to Dodge Attacks while your Off Hand is empty, and 100% increased Cold Damage while your Off Hand is empty.
  • Helm: Devoto’s Devotion (Unique), which gives increased attack speed, dexterity, armor, evasion, chaos resistance, and movement speed. Any Rare helmet with 80 maximum life and 25% elemental resistances
  • Body: Hyrri’s Ire (Unique) for (40-50) to Dexterity, (50-60) to (70-80) Cold Damage to Attacks, (140-220)% increased Evasion Rating, 25% increased Chill Duration on Enemies, 10% chance to Dodge Attacks, and 10% chance to Dodge Spell Damage. Any Rare armor with 2000 Evasion, 100 maximum life; preferably with elemental resistances and attributes
  • Boots: Atziri’s Step (Unique) for increased evasion rating, life, movement speed, and chance to dodge spell damage
  • Gloves: Any Rare gloves with 70 maximum life and elemental resistances; preferably with bonuses to cold damage, melee damage, and attack speed
  • Belt: Any Rare belt/Stygian Vise with 70 maximum life, 25% elemental resistances, and 35% elemental damage with attack skills
  • Accessories: Impresence (Cold) (Unique Amulet) for +(10-16) to all Attributes, (12-16) to (20-24) to (33-36) Cold Damage; +(50-70) to maximum Life, (45-50)% increased Mana Regeneration Rate, +(20-25)% to Cold Resistance, 100% reduced Frostbite Mana Reservation, and Maddening Presence for 10 seconds when you Kill a Rare or Unique Enemy.
    • Tasalio’s Sign (Unique Ring) for +(20-30)% to Cold Resistance, (7-10) to (15-20) Cold Damage to Spells and Attacks, +(200-300) to Evasion Rating, 50% chance to Avoid being Chilled, 10% chance to Freeze, and 40 to 60 Cold Damage against Chilled Enemies.
    • Rare ring with 70 maximum life, 25% elemental resistances, and 25% increased elemental damage with attack skills.
  • Jewels: Abyss Jewels with bonuses to cold damage to attacks and dagger attacks, maximum life. Rare Jewels with bonuses to life and melee/cold/elemental damage, preferably with increased attack speed.
  • Flasks: Seething Divine Life Flask of Staunching for life recovery and removal of/immunity to bleeding.
    • Seething Divine Life Flask of Heat for life recovery and removal of/immunity to being chilled/frozen
    • Atziri’s Promise (Unique) for (15-20%) of elemental damage and chaos damage and life leech
    • The Wise Oak (Unique) for +35% elemental resistances and additional cold resistance penetration
    • Experimenter’s Quartz Flask of Reflexes for phasing and evasion.

Affordable, simple, and effective – that’s the Vaal Reave White Wind Champion for you. So if you’re looking for a solid solo build for Incursion, don’t forget this one.

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