Arc Saboteur Miner

By | January 13th, 2020 | Categories: Miner Builds

Ever since the buff, mine builds have become not only viable but also meta as well. There are many mine builds, but the Arc Miner Saboteur is among the best ones to start with. It’s definitely not the kind of build you’d like if you’re into a more active playstyle, but it definitely packs one helluva a punch!

Skill Tree and Gems

Passive Skill Tree:

Core Skill Arc with Blastchain Mine, Mine and Trap Damage, Added Lightning Damage, Lightning Penetration, and Controlled Destruction support gems.

Utility: Immortal Call with Cast When Damage Taken and Increased Duration support gems; Smoke Mine.

Mobility: Flame Dash with Faster Casting and Arcane Surge Support gems.

Curse: Orb of Storms with Curse on Hit, Conductivity, and Precision.

Aura: Wrath and Summon Skitterbots, Enlighten Support.

Golems: Summon Ice Golem and Summon Stone Golem with Cast When Damage Taken and Minion Life support gems.


Helmet: any Rare helmet with at least 70 maximum Life, 40 maximum Mana, and 30% elemental resistances.


  • Tabula Rasa, preferably corrupted with bonuses to level of socketed gems.
  • Impulsa’s Broken Heart (Unique) for (60-80) to maximum Life, (20-50)% increased damage upon recently shocking enemy, (15-25)% shock effect,  killed Shocked Enemies Explode, dealing 5% of their Maximum Life as Lightning Damage, and immunity to shock.


  • Any Rare wand with bonuses to spell damage, critical strike chance for spells, and lightning damage to spells; preferably with increased cast speed.
  • Divinarius (Unique knife) for increased global critical strike chance, critical strike chance for spells, spell damage, mana and life gained on kill, and 10% increased AOE

Boots: any Rare boots with bonuses to life, elemental resistances, and movement speed.

Gloves: any Rare gloves with bonuses to life, max mana, elemental resistances, and spell damage.

Belt: Rare Stygian Vise with bonuses to life, elemental resistances, strength, chaos resistances, and damage.


  • Any Rare amulet with bonuses to life, mana, mana regen, global critical strike chance multiplier, and elemental resistances.
  • Any Rare rings with 65 maximum Life and 60% Total Elemental Resistances.


  • Intuitive Leap
  • Rare Jewels with bonuses to life, spell/elemental/lightning damage, global critical strike multiplier
  • Abyssal Jewels with bonuses to life, lightning damage, critical strike multiplier, and chance to Hinder on Spell Hit.


  • Atziri’s Promise (Unique) for chaos resistance, chaos damage leeched as life, and bonus physical and elemental damage as chaos damage.
  • Vessel of Vinktar (Unique) for bonus damage to spells and immunity to shock.
  • Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding immunity.
  • Experimenter’s Quicksilver Flask of Heat for increased movement speed and freeze immunity.
  • Experimenter’s Diamond Flask of Warding for lucky critical strike chance and curse immunity.

The Arc Miner Saboteur is a solid and rather unorthodox build that is worth a try if you’re up to the challenge. With this, you’ll be making sparks fly–and we mean that in the most literal sense!

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