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Doomfletch Prism Pathfinder

By | January 10th, 2018 | Categories: Path of Exile Builds, Ranged Builds

Another build centered on a Unique gear is the Crit Doomfletcher Prism Pathfinder. Aside from the namesake weapon that makes this build what it is, it’s cheap despite using Uniques and can quickly take out monsters from a safe distance and kill bosses.

Passive Skill Tree and Skill Gems

For the passive skill tree, click here.

The build has two core skills: Barrage and Tornado Shot. The former is for one-on-one encounters, and the latter is for clearing mobs (i.e., two Doomfletcher’s Prisms).

  • Barrage: have Physical Projectile Attack Damage, Elemental Damage with Attacks, Elemental Focus, Chance to Bleed, and Pierce.
  • Tornado Shot: have Elemental Damage with Attacks, Physical Projectile Attack Damage, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Chance to Bleed, and Pierce.
  • Mobility: have Teleport Arrow and Faster Attacks Support. Ice Golem and Vaal Haste are also necessary.
  • Effective boss farming: have Orb of Storms with Faster Casting, Increased Critical Strikes, and Power Charge.
  • Auras: there is a separate setup for bosses and mobs. For the former, have Hatred for cold damage, and have it with Projectile Weakness, Enlighten, and Blasphemy. For the latter, have Hatred, Herald of Ice, Curse on Hit, and Assassin’s Mark.


  • Weapon: Doomfletcher’s Prism (Unique) for increased elemental damage, physical damage, and critical strike chance.
  • Quiver: Drillneck (Unique) for an increased attack, evasion, life, physical damage.
  • Chest: Kaom’s Heart (Unique) for increased life and fire damage.
  • Head: Abyssus for increased physical damage, armor, critical strike multiplier and attribute bonus. The drawback is increased damage taken.
  • Gloves: rare gloves with physical damage, elemental damage, life, and elemental resistances potentials.
  • Boots: rare boots with life, movement speed, elemental damage, and elemental resistance potentials.
  • Accessories: two Rare rings and one Rare amulet with physical and elemental damage, critical strike chance, accuracy, life, and critical strike multiplier potentials.
  • Belt: rare Belt with physical and elemental damage, movement speed, and life potentials.
  • Jewels: rare jewels with increased physical, bow, and elemental damage potentials; Lioneye’s Fall (Unique) to convert melee potentials for the bow.
  • Flasks: Dying Sun (Unique) for fire resistance; The Wise Oak for elemental resistances; Taste of Hate for cold resistance, cold damage bonus, and chance to avoid being chilled and frozen. Also, Alchemist’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline for increased movement speed, and Perpetual Diamond Flask of Staunching to make critical strike chance lucky.

Final Thoughts

The Crit Doomfletcher Prism Pathfinder is one of the best-ranged builds in Path of Exile. If melee’s not your cup of tea, this build is going to suit your tastes.

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