Poison Blade Vortex Shadow

By | April 6th, 2020 | Categories: Shadow Assassin

Most builds are more focused on AOE crowd control. The Poison Blade Vortex Shadow, however, isn’t like most builds. With its amazing single damage, it can cut down even some of the toughest bosses to size in a matter of seconds.

Passive Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/sqbxbzw

Gem Setup:

  • Chest: Vaal Blade Vortex with Unleash, Awakened Deadly Ailments, Awakened Unbound Ailments, Awakened Void Manipulation, and Vile Toxins support gems
  • Helm: Malevolence, Enlighten level 4, Herald of Agony, and Skitterbots support gem
  • Weapon: Blasphemy, Despair, and Plague Bearer
  • Boots: Cast When Damage Taken with Steelskin
  • Gloves: Whirling Blades with Faster Attacks support gem; Blood Rage and Summon Stone Golem


  • Weapon: Cold Iron Point (Unique) for increased damage over time and +3 to physical skill gem levels, but you will deal no elemental damage
  • Off-hand: Bino’s Kitchen Knife (Unique) for increased global critical strike chance and multiplier, damage over time, physical damage, chaos resistance; enemies near a killed enemy becomes poisoned, and nearby allies regenerate 200 life per second
  • Body:
    • Tabula Rasa (Unique) for +2 level of socketed gems
    • Skin of the Loyal (Unique) for +2 level of socketed duration gems, +2 to level of socketed AOE gems, +1 level to socketed gems, and 100% increased global defenses; gems can’t be modified
    • any Rare armor with bonuses to dexterity, elemental resistances, life; afflict extra curse, and killed enemies explode that deals 3% of life as damage
  • Gloves:
  • Aesnath’s Gentle Touch (Unique) for bonus intelligence, life, mana, curses enemies with level 10 Temporal Chains on hit, non-aura curses not removed on enemies after death, enemies near cursed corpses are blinded, and killed enemies explode that deals 3% of life as damage
    • any Rare gloves with bonuses to socketed gem attack and cast speed, dexterity, physical damage, life, and elemental resistance
  • Boots: any Rare boots with bonuses to movement speed, elemental resistances, life, and stun and block recovery
  • Belt: any Rare belt with bonuses to armor, life, and elemental resistances
  • Jewels:
    • The Golden Rule – for chaos damage, as well as it interacts with the Noxious Strike ascendancy node. Only use when not poisoned.
    • Watcher’s Eye
    • Thread of Hope
    • Brutal Restraint – enables Wind Dancer, which boosts defenses. You need it to be in the name of Deshret. The seed number does not matter
    • 2 Might of the Meek
    • Unnatural Instinct
  • Flasks:
    • Atziri’s Promise (Unique) for chaos damage and chaos resistance
    • Coralito’s Signature (Unique) for lucky critical strike chance, Perfect Agony, and increased poison chance and duration at the cost of being able to deal critical damage
    • Sin’s Rebirth (Unique) for increased evasion, gain unholy might, ignite immunity and burn removal; creates smoke cloud on use
    • Perpetual Quicksilver Flask of Heat for bonus movement speed and freeze and chill removal and immunity
    • Chemist’s Quartz Flask of Staunching for increased evasion and bleeding removal and immunity

If you’re going to pick your poison for this challenge league, this build is a very safe bet. Try it out, you’re going to love every second–and your enemies surely won’t!

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