Crit Freezing Pulse Inquisitor

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If you’re not a big fan of either Blade Vortex or Storm Burst, then perhaps the Crit Freezing Pulse Inquisitor is the build for you. It’s not only tanky, but also deals lots of critical elemental damage, and therefore, has excellent clear speed. So, without further ado, here’s this awesome Inquisitor build.

Passive Skill Tree and Skill Gems

For the passive skill tree, click here.

  • Core skill gem (Freezing Pulse): have it with Increased Critical Strikes, Increased Critical Damage, Spell Echo, Faster Casting or Power Charge on Critical, and Added Cold Damage or Hypothermia.
  • Aura setup: Blasphemy with Warlord’s Mask, Vaal Lightning Trap, and Herald of Ice.
  • Cast When Damage Taken setup: Immortal Call and either Vaal Grace (for attacks and spell dodge) or Vaal Haste.
  • Mobility and utility: Shield Charge with Faster Attacks and Fortify.
  • Minion setup: Lightning Golem with Minion Life and either Vaal Grace or Haste (depending on what you didn’t have in your Cast When Damage Taken setup).


  • Weapon: any rare dagger with increased global critical strike chance and multiplier, cold damage, cast speed, spell damage, and fire resistance.
  • Shield: any rare spirit shield with increased global critical strike chance and multiplier, cold damage, cast speed, spell damage, energy shield, stun and block recovery, and elemental resistances.
  • Chest: Kingsguard (Unique) for increased armor, mana, life, energy shield, energy charge duration, and gain 100 life when an endurance charge gets consumed.
  • Head: Kitava’s Thirst (Unique) for reduced cast speed and ball lightning projectile speed; increased armor, energy shield, mana; chance to trigger socketed spells after using 100 mana.
  • Gloves: Winds of Change (Unique) for increased life, projectile speed and damage, and a chance to knockback enemies.
  • Boots: Kaom’s Roots (Unique) for immunity to knock back and to be slowed below base speed, increased life, and gaining of unwavering stance.
  • Belt: any rare belt with increased life, armor, and elemental resistances.
  • Accessories: one Rare ring with increased elemental damage, the rarity of items found, elemental resistances, and life. Romira’s Banquet (Unique) for increased accuracy, global critical strike multiplier, mana, gain 0.4% of physical attack leeched as mana, gain power charge on a non-critical strike and lose them on a critical strike. Voll’s Devotion (Unique amulet) for increased strength and intelligence, energy shield, life, elemental resistances, reduced power and endurance charge duration, and gain endurance charge upon losing a power charge.
  • Jewels: 2 First Snow (Unique) for increased projectile damage, 2 additional projectiles and increased damage for Freezing Pulse upon shattering an enemy if with at least 40 intelligence in radius. Fevered Mind (Unique) for increased spell damage in exchange for 100% increased mana consumption.
  • Flasks: Bubbling Life Flask of Gluttony for instant 50% life recovery and 0.4% of physical attack damage as life leeched during flask effect. Chemist’s Sulphur, Silver, and Diamond Flasks, respectively for increased damage, onslaught, and lucky critical strike chance. It should be of Staunching, Grounding, and Warding for immunity to and removal of bleeding, shock, and curses. Also, Atziri’s Promise (Unique) for increased chaos damage and resistance.


The Crit Freezing Pulse Inquisitor is an affordable and solid build that hits like a truck and can take blows the same way it dishes them out. So, if you want an Inquisitor, then this one is a good start.

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