Life Essence Drain Occultist

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The Life Essence Drain Occultist is a strange build. Instead of using a wand, it uses a sword. On the other hand, it’s anything goes in Path of Exile, but an occultist with a blade is still out there. Anyhow, it’s a solid build that can even kill the Shaper, and highly recommended.

Passive Skill Tree and Skill Builds

For the passive skill tree, click here.

  • Core skill gem (Essence Drain): Empower, Controlled Destruction for increased damage in exchange for lower critical strike chance, Efficacy for increased spell damage, Swift Affliction for increased Damage over Time, and Void Manipulation for increased chaos damage.
  • Secondary offensive spells: Contagion with Controlled Support, Swift Affliction, and Void Manipulation.
  • Aura setup: Temporal Chains to slow enemies and make status effects on them last longer, and Enfeeble to weaken enemies.
  • Clarity and Discipline: respectively for mana regeneration and energy shield bonus.
  • Movement: Whirling Blades with Faster Attacks and Fortify.
  • Wither: increases chaos damage taken by enemies in a particular area. Support it with Spell Totem and Increased Area of Support.


  • Weapon: any Rare Dagger or Sword with bonuses to spell damage, elemental damage, chaos damage, accuracy, chance to block, and attribute requirements.
  • Shield: any Rare Spirit Shield with bonuses to energy shield, elemental resistance, attributes, and reductions to attribute requirements.
  • Chest: Skin of the Loyal (Unique) for +1 level of socketed gems and 100% global defense.
  • Helm: any Rare Circlet with bonuses to elemental damage and resistances, spell damage, energy shield, and increased Essence Drain damage.
  • Gloves: any Rare Gloves with Trigger Degree of Frost on Kill, energy shield, life regen, elemental resistances, and stun and block recovery.
  • Belt: any Rare Belt with bonuses to attributes, energy shield, elemental resistances, life, and life regen.
  • Jewels: any Rare Jewels with bonuses to damage over time and chaos damage, as well as physical, spell, and elemental damage.
  • Accessories: 2 Rare Rings with bonuses to energy shield, chaos damage, physical, spell, and elemental damage, mana, elemental resistances, and rarity of items found. Rare Amulet with bonuses to spell damage, cast speed, critical strike chance, energy shield, mana, and manaregen.
  • Flasks: Sorrow of the Divine (Unique) for increased damage and Consecrated Ground on use. Witchfire Brew (Unique) for increased evasion rating, damage over time, and creation of Smoke Cloud and Despair Curse. Kiara’s Determination (Unique) for immunity to freeze, chill, and curses. Also, two Sulphur Flasks, one for Dousing and Staunching, for immunity to and removal of burning and bleeding, respectively.


All in all, the Life Essence Drain Occultist is one of the best witches builds out there since it can take down even the strongest bosses in the game. If you want a robust occultist build, this is first on the list.

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