Shock Nova Elementalist

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If you like a lightning-based spellcaster but aren’t a fan of Arc, then the Crit Shock Nova Elementalist is for you. It’s satisfying to play, thanks to the enormous critical and elemental AOE damage. However, it’s almost useless in elemental reflect maps, a small drawback, so this build is still worth pursuing.

Passive Skill Tree and Skill Gems

For the passive skill tree, click here.

  • Core skill gem (Shock Nova): Increased Critical Strikes Support, Power Charge on Critical, Faster Casting, Increased Critical Damage, and Empower.
  • Secondary offensive spell: Storm Call with Controlled Destruction to increase damage at the cost of critical strike chance, Spell Echo to cast the spell twice, Increased Critical Strikes, Concentrated Effect, and Less Duration.
  • Cast When Damage Taken setup: have Immortal Call, Summon Lightning Golem, and Herald of Ice.
  • Damage: Warlord’s Mark with Curse on Hit, Conductivity, and Herald of Thunder.
  • Movement: Lightning Warp with Less Duration and Faster Casting.
  • Extra socket (if you have one): Summon Lightning Golem.


  • Weapon: Pledge of Hands (Unique) for Spell Echo on socketed gems, and increased chance to block, spell damage, and mana.
  • Chest: Wyrmscale (Unique) for increased armor, life, elemental resistances, flask recovery, and gore.
  • Head: any Rare helmet with bonuses to life, mana, and elemental resistances.
  • Gloves: any Rare gloves with Trigger Word of Ire when hit, additional 2 to 3 damage to attacks, increased life, and resistances.
  • Boots: any Rare boots with bonuses to elemental resistances, strength, maximum life and mana, and movement speed.
  • Accessories: one Rare ring with bonuses to elemental resistances, attributes, energy shield, and life; Call of the Brotherhood (Unique) for increased cold and lightning resistances, lightning damage, mana regen, 40% of lightning damage converted to cold damage, and 100% chance to shock frozen enemies. Choir of the Storm (Unique amulet) for increased intelligence and mana, reduced lightning resistance but increased critical strike chance according to lightning resistance, and ability to trigger level 20 Lightning Bolt upon critical strike.
  • Jewels: any Rare jewels with bonuses to life, area damage, elemental resistances, spell, and elemental damage, and critical strike chance.
  • Flasks: Three Divine Life Flasks – Two Seething and of Heat and Staunching for the immunity to and removal of chill and freeze and bleeding, One Bubbling and of Grounding for the immunity to and removal of shock. Surgeon’s Quicksilver Flask of Adrenaline for increased movement speed. Also, Vessel of Vinktar (Unique) for lightning resistance and physical damage converted to lightning, as well as lightning damage leeched as life.


All in all, the Crit Shock Nova Elementalist is an electrifying build that is strongly recommended to elementalists if they want to go the lightning route. If you are one, then go and check if it’s to your liking.

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