Raging Spirits Zombie Necromancer

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Tradition isn’t easily broken, even in Path of Exile, and for a good reason. After all, you don’t fix what isn’t broke, and the traditional Summon Raging Spirits Zombie Necromancer is not broken. It’s affordable, good for clearing maps, has fast movement speeds, and can work solo or in a group. The problem, however, is that it doesn’t fare too well against super-late game bosses. But hey, it’s still a fun and versatile build worth making.

Passive Skill Tree and Skill Gems

For the passive skill tree, click here.

  • Core skill gems:
    1. Summon Raging Spirits: have it with Melee Physical Damage; Minion Damage; Elemental Damage with Attacks or Melee Splash; Additional Accuracy or Empower; and Elemental Focus, Minion Speed, or Spell Echo.
    2. Raise Zombie: have it with Minion Damage, Melee Physical Damage, and Maim.
  • Utility: Convocation to gather minions, Flesh Offering to grant cast and movement speed, and Vaal Haste. If you have four sockets, chose between Summon Stone Golem, Desecrate, Decoy Totem, and Vaal Lightning Trap. The last one is best suited for bosses.
  • Aura: Hatred linked to Haste, and Generosity. Do not link Haste to Generosity.
  • Cast When Damage Taken setup: Immortal Call.
  • Curses: Ball Lightning with Curse on Hit, Elemental Weakness, and Greater Multiple Projectiles.


  • Weapon: Mon’tregul’s Grasp (Unique) for +5000 zombie life, increased zombie resistances, damage dealt, size, and ability to make enemies killed by zombies explode and deal fire damage.
  • Chest: The Covenant (Unique) for blood magic to socketed gems, level 15 chaos damage, as well as increased intelligence, energy shield, and life.
  • Head: The Baron (Unique) for +2 to level of socketed minion gems; increased strength, minion life, +1 zombie for every 300 strength, and 2% of damage done by zombies are life leeched if you have 1000 strength or more.
  • Boots: Alberon’s Warpath (Unique) for increased chaos damage, armor, chaos resistance, movement speed, strength, and maximum number of skeletons.
  • Shield: Ahn’s Heritage (Unique) for increased armor, life, endurance charges, block chance and maximum block chance, +3% to all resistance if you have no resistance charges, and grants Onslaught when endurance charges are full.
  • Gloves: any Rare gloves with bonuses to any of the following: strength, armor, life, resistances, stun and block recovery, and minion damage.
  • Belt: any Rare belt with a bonus to any of the following: strength, armor, life, resistances, stun and block recovery, and minion damage.
  • Accessories: two Rare rings with bonus to any of the following: strength, armor, life, resistances, stun and block recovery, and minion damage; Astramentis for +16 and +96 to all attributes.
  • Jewels: Fragility (Unique) for -1 maximum endurance charges; Violent Dead (Unique) for increased minion damage, 100% increased cooldown recovery and increased damage with Raised Zombies’ slam attack if Intelligence is 40.
  • Flasks: Ample Quicksilver Flask of Heat for increased movement speed, as well as immunity to and removal of chill and freeze. Catalyzed Divine Life Flask of Staunching for Life Recovery and, as well as immunity to and removal of bleeding; Blood of the Karui (Unique) for increased life recovery. Chemist’s Granite Flask of Iron Skin for +3000 armor and 99% increased armor; and Chemist’s Quartz Flask of Dowsing for chance to dodge physical attacks and spells, as well as grant pacing.


Thanks for getting the lowdown on the Raging Spirits Zombie Necromancer. If you want to have some fun, then utilize this build.

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