Raise Zombie Necromancer

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Lots of classes were the recipients of revamps in Path of Exile: Blight. Among them are the Necromancer classes. While it has always been a solid all-around class, Grinding Gear Games decided to make it even better. So, if you’re looking for a reliable and versatile build of its kind, look no further because the Raise Zombie Necromancer is a great choice!

Passive Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/y26y4u6k

Skill Gems

Note: All gems should be level 20, unless specified.

Core Skill: Raise Zombie with Feeding Frenzy, Deathmark, Minion Damage, Melee Physical Damage, and Added Fire Damage support.

Secondary DPS Skill: Physical to Li

Movement: Flame Dash.

Buff: Flesh Offering with Increased Duration support. Haste or Hatred with Generosity support.

Debuff and Clearing: Ball Lightning with Curse on Hit, Elemental Weakness, and Frostbite support gems; Hatred with Generosity Support; Summon Carrion Golem.

Utility: Convocation, Flesh Offering, and Desecrate.



  • Queen’s Escape (Unique) for increased minion life and movement speed, +1 to maximum number of zombies, skeletons, and spectres.
  • The Scourge (Unique) for a chance to summon a level 18 Spectral Wolf on kill; gives bonus physical damage, attack speed for you and minions, 70% bonus minion damage after attacking recently, and stat changes affecting minions also affecting you.


  • Any Rare bone helmet with bonuses to elemental resistances, life (flat and percentage via Pristine Fossil) and strength/dexterity.
  • The Baron (Unique) for +2 to level of socketed minion gems, 20% increased minion life, +1 to maximum number of raised zombies for every 300 strength, +20-40 strength, 2% of damage dealt by zombies leeched as life to you if you have 1000 strength.

Body Armour:

  • If you’re using Queen’s Escape, go with Kaom’s Heart (Unique) for +500 Maximum life
  • Belly of the Beast (Unique) for increased armour, life, elemental resistances, flask recovery rate, and extra gore
  • Any rare body armor with bonuses to elemental resistances, life (at least 100 flat HP and percentage via Pristine Fossil) and strength/dexterity


  • Grip of the Council (Unique) for increased strength, life, cold resistance, and minions gain cold resistance and 20% of physical damage as extra cold damage
  • Command of the Pit (Unique) increased cast speed, life, +1000 minion accuracy if you have Ghastly Eye jewel, and Arcane Surge on hit with spells if you have Hypnotic Eye
  • Any rare gloves with bonuses to elemental resistances and life (at least 80 flat HP and percentage via Pristine Fossil)

Boots: any Rare boots with bonuses to elemental resistances, life (at least 80 flat HP and percentage via Pristine Fossil), and movement speed.

Belt: any Rare Stygian Vyse with Ghastly Eye Jewel, should have bonuses to elemental resistances and life (at least 80 flat HP).


  • Any 2 Rare rings with bonuses to elemental resistances, maximum life (at least 50 flat HP), and Strength/Dexterity, or 1 rare ring with those bonuses and Deodre’s Damning for +20-30 mana, +5-10 intelligence, 5 mana gained on kill, and apply an additional curse.


  • Any Rare jewels with bonuses to life, minion damage, life, and elemental resistances
  • Abyssal jewels with bonuses to life, minion movement speed, leech life, chance to blind or taunt with attacks, attack speed, minion damage after using minion skill, and increased attack and cast speed after minions killed recently


  • Quicksilver Flask for movement speed
  • Stibnite Flask for 100% evasion rating
  • Blood of the Karui (Unique) for increased life recovered, recovery rate, and full life at end of flask effect or Divine Life Flask of Staunching for bleeding immunity/removal
  • Basalt Flask for physical damage reduction and reflection
  • Granite Flask for +3000 armour

Necromancer builds were never dead, but Blight definitely gave them much more life than ever. So if you want this kind of play style and are into these styles of PoE Builds, now is definitely the best time to try it!

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