Herald of Agony Juggernaut

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Change is good. But sometimes, there are tried-and-tested things that are better off left the way they are. If you’re looking for a tank build that was mostly unaffected by the changes in Path of Exile: Heist, then the Herald of Agony Juggernaut should do the job.


  • high defense
  • can run Hardcore easily
  • easy to play; beginner-friendly
  • not flask-reliant


  • doesn’t deal much damage
  • build feels slow
  • relies on poison to kill enemies

Passive Skill Tree

Here’s the Passive Skill Tree.

Gear and Gem Links

  • Weapon: Cold Iron Point (Unique) for increased critical strike chance and +3 to level of all physical skill gems
    • Enduring Cry and Dash with Second Wind support gem
  • Off-hand: Saffell’s Flame (Unique) for increased elemental resistances, spell damage; 15-20% chance to block spells but cannot block physical attacks
    • Convocation and Vaal Molten Shell with Cast When Damage Taken
  • Head: Rare Bone Helmet with increased life, +2 to level of socketed minion gems, and resistances
    • Summon Holy Relic with Feeding Frenzy, Culling Strike, and Meat Shield support gems
  • Body: Lioneye’s Vision (Unique) for level 15 Pierce support on socketed gems, increased armor and life
  • Herald of Agony with Vicious Projectiles, Damage on Full Life, Minion Damage, Maim, and Empower (level 4) support gems
  • Gloves: Rare Titan Gloves with poison and faster attack mods, life, resistance, and minion damage
    • Cyclone with Withering Touch, Fortify, and Life Gain on Hit support gems
  • Belt: Stygian Belt with high life and resistances and Aspect of the Spider
  • Boots: Rare Two-toned boots with dexterity, life, movement speed, and elemental resistances
    • Spirit Offering, Desecrate, and Sniper’s Mark with Cast When Damage Taken
  •  Accessories:
    • Turquoise Amulet with bonuses to intelligence, dexterity, life, elemental resistances, reduced mana cost to channeling skills, anointed with Ravenous Horde
    • 2 Circle of Nostalgia (Unique Rings) with bonus Herald of Agony mod or crawler damage


  • 1 Large Cluster Jewel with 8 Passive Skills, Renewal as notable, and 2 other notables
  • 2 Medium Cluster Jewels with 4 Passive Skills with Cult Leader and Agony as notables
  • 2 Small Cluster Jewels:
    • One with bonus chaos resistance, 3 Passive Skills, and the Fettle notable
    • Calamitous Visions (Unique) for Herald of Agony buff
  • Unique Jewels:
    • Golden Rule for increased armor while bleeding, poison you inflict reflected on you, and bonus chaos damage per poison on you
    • Glorious Vanity
  • Rare Jewels:
    • Viridian Jewel with +2 mana gained for each enemy hit modifier
    • Bonuses to life, dexterity and/or intelligence, and increased minion damage


  • Forbidden Taste (Unique) for chance to dodge attacks and spells, and 8% maximum life taken as chaos damage per second
  • Experimenter’s Quicksilver Flask of Acceleration for movement speed
  • Chemist’s Silver Flask of Staunching for Onslaught and bleeding recovery/immunity
  • Experimenter’s Jade Flask of Heat for +3000 evasion and chill/freeze recovery/immunity
  • Experimenter’s Quartz Flask of Warding for chance to dodge attacks and spells and curse recovery/removal

Tanking isn’t for everybody. But for those that love the role, it’s a perfect place to start. Try it out and be a one-man army.

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