Impervious Herald of Agony Juggernaut

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In Path of Exile, it’s more common for the best offense to be a good defense than it is the other way around. Nevertheless, there are builds that are the opposite, and one of them Is the Impervious Herald of Agony Juggernaut.  

Pros and Cons of the Impervious Herald of Agony Juggernaut Build


  • Good build for Hardcore 
  • Easy play style 
  • Can easily win against bosses 
  • Not flask-reliant 
  • Good for Delve 
  • Beginner-friendly 


  • Takes time killing enemies 

Gem Links and Passive Skill Tree

Click here for the Passive Skill Tree.

  • Core Skill: Herald of Agony with Vicious Projectiles, Damage on Full Life, Minion Damage, Maim, and Empwoer support gems 
  • Movement/Utilities:  
    • Enduring or Intimidating Cry with Dash and Second Wind support gem 
    • Cast When Damage Taken with Spirit Offering; Ball Lightning, and Desecrate 
    • Vaal Molten Shell with Cast When Damage Taken support gem; Sniper’s Mark
  • Secondary DPS: Cyclone with Withering Touch, Fortify, and Life Gain on Hit support gems
  • Summoning: Summon Holy Relic with Feeding Frenzy, Culling Strike, and Meat Shield support gems


  • Weapon: Cold Iron Point (Unique) for increased global strike chance, +3 level of all physical skill gems, and deal no elemental damage 
  • Shield: Saffell’s Flame (Unique) for increased elemental resistances, spell damage, and chance to block spell damage but cannot block attacks.  
  • Helmet: Rare Helmet with increased life, elemental resistances, +2 level to socketed Minion gems, and elemental resistances.  
  • Body: Lioneye’s Vision (Unique) for level 15 Pierce for socketed gems, increased armor, life, physical damage leeched as mana.  
  • Gloves: Rare Gloves with increased life, elemental resistances, increased damage with poison, socketed gems are supported by Faster Attacks and/or Poison.  
  • Belt: Rare Stygian Vise with increased life, elemental resistances, and level 20 Aspect of the Spider 
  • Boots: Rare Boots with increased movement speed (at least 30%), life, elemental resistances, and dexterity.  
  • Accessories:  
    • Rare Amulet with increased dexterity, intelligence, life, elemental resistances, and reduced mana cost for channeling skills.  
    • 2 Circles of Nostalgia (Unique) increased chaos resistance and all attributes; chaos damage bonus. 


  • One Large Jewel with Renewal notable 
  • 2 Medium Cluster Jewels with Cult Leader for increased minion damage and Pure Agony for extra 5 Maximum Virulence and 20% Increased Damage while affected by Herald 
  • Small Cluster Jewel with 3 passives, 4% maximum life, 8% Chaos resistance, and Fettle 
  • Calamitous Vision (Unique)  
  • The Golden Rule (Unique) for increased armor while bleeding and chaos resistance while poisoned; bleeding and poisoned you inflict are reflected on you 

The Herald of Agony Juggernaut isn’t for everyone. That, however, isn’t because it’s hard, butt because it’s a bit slow. So, if you don’t mind the slower pace but a more guaranteed win, then this is the build for you. 

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