Permafreeze Arc Mines Elementalist

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While mines are a popular skill type of choice for saboteurs, an elementalist can also make good use of elemental mine skills. And for the Permafreeze Arc Mines Elementalist, there is perhaps no saboteur that can do what she does with these mines.

Why Permafreeze Arc Mines Elementalist

The reason this PoE build uses an elementalist instead of saboteur is because you’ll have larger hits, which in turn means better Freeze. Also, Stone Golem gives better regen as an elementalist, as well as blind with Disorienting Display.

Conversely enough, an equally valid question would be why have an elementalist use mines. It’s because they have strong and multiple hits as well as high DPS and solid coverage. Lastly, they have low mana cost. With elementalists naturally having high INT and a huge mana pool, you’ll be able to lay a lot of mines.

So, why an Arc Mine, which deals lightning damage? Because what makes this build possible is the Unique headgear called The Three Dragons. Other than its bonuses on life and elemental resistances, it makes your lightning damage able to freeze enemies.

Another important Unique Item for the build is the Tremor Rod, which grants socketed gems the much-needed level 10 Blastchain Mine support. It also increases the level of socketed gems by 2, spell damage, and mines can be detonated again once.

Gem Links and Passive Skill Tree

Click here for the Passive Skill Tree.

  • Core Skill: Arc (preferably Vaal) with Trap and Mine Damage, Swift Assembly, Inspiration, Hypothermia, and Controlled Destruction
  • Auras: Enlighten level 4, Vitality, Zealotry, and Wrath
  • Golem (ring): Flame Golem
  • Utility: Dash with Second Wind and Arcane Surge; Frost Shield
  • CWDT Setup: Cast When Damage Taken level 1 with Immortal Call Level 3
  • Debuffs: Arcanist Brand, Assassin’s Mark, Wave of Conviction, and Purifying Flame

Permafreeze Arc Mines Elementalist Gear, Accessories, Jewels, and Flasks

  • Weapon: Tremor Rod (Unique)
  • Body: Rare Armor with increased spell damage, life, spell critical strike chance, attributes, gain 10% of maximum life as energy shield
  • Helm: The Three Dragons (Unique)
  • Gloves: Rare Gloves with increased life, elemental resistances, global critical strike chance, and increased elemental damage
  • Boots: Rare Boots with increased life, elemental resistances, movement speed, effect of non-damaging ailments, and lightning damage.
  • Belt: Stygian Vise with increased life, mana, cold resistance, trap and mine throwing speed, and damage, Abyss Jewel with global critical strike multiplier, lightning damage, life, 12-14% fire damage when wielding two-handed weapon, and penetrates 2% of elemental resistance if you haven’t killed recently.
  • Accessories:
    • Rare Amulet with increased attributes, critical strike multiplier, life, elemental resistances, energy shield, and mine throwing speed
    • Rare Ring with increased life, elemental resistances, attributes, spell damage, critical strike multiplier, mana, and mana regen
    • Malachai’s Artifice (Unique) for 1 socket, socketed gem for elemental equilibrium, elemental resistances, and increased fire resistance.
  • Jewels:
    • Glorious Vanity (Unique) for 1% of damage taken as mana
    • Large Cluster Jewel with “added small passive also grants +3 to all attributes”, Disorienting Display, Prismatic Heart, and Vengeful Commander passive skills.
    • Medium Cluster Jewels with 1 added passive skill is Astonishing Affliction, Blast-Freeze, Cold Confusion, and Overshock; added passive skills also grant +4 to Dexterity, +5 to Strength, 4% increased ailment duration on enemies, mana regen, and elemental resistances.
    • Small Cluster Jewel with increased endurance charge duration, small passive skills also grant +2 to all attributes, chaos resistance, increased damage, and Fettle as passive skill.
    • Crimson Jewel with increased damage, critical strike multiplier, including with lightning skills, and life
    • Cobalt Jewel with increased lightning damage, critical strike multiplier with elemental skills, area damage, and life
    • Viridian Jewel with life regen, increased life, elemental resistances, and critical strike multiplier, including with lightning skills
  • Flasks:
    • Rumi’s Concoction (Unique) for +3000 armor and chance to block spells and attacks
    • Chemist’s Diamond Flask of Warding for lucky strike chance and curse recovery/immunity
    • Chemist’s Diamond Flask of the Order
    • The Wise Oak for increased elemental resistances, 10% increased elemental resistance of element you have lowest elemental resistance to, and 15% elemental damage penetration of your highest elemental damage
    • Bubbling Divine Life Flask of Staunching for life recovery and bleeding recovery/immunity
    • Ample Quicksilver of Adrenaline for increased movement speed

Sometimes, a particular skill is just as good with another class – you just have to be more creative. With the Permafreeze Arc Mines Elementalist, there’s no better time to do exactly that.

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