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The PUBG Roadmap Plan for 2018

By | March 19th, 2018 | Categories: PUBG

Brendan Greene, better known under his gaming alias “PlayerUnknown,” has released the PUBG Roadmap for 2018, the plan for the further development of the currently most popular Battle Royale out there. The roadmap tackles many issues that are being picked up from the previous year, but also a number of recent upgrades and improvements that the near future should bring. But not everyone is happy, and many find the PUBG Roadmap for 2018 disappointing.

New Maps and Weapons

One of the major news is the implementation of the new map, bringing the total rotation number to three maps.Yeah, making and balancing maps for a game like PUBG isn’t a simple undertaking, but PUBG only got its second map at the point it came out from early access, many months after it was first promised, so the players didn’t exactly have much variety. However, the third map was long in working, and the talk about it goes back for more than half a year. The map is supposedly an island in Adriatic, presumably Croatia, and is 4×4 kilometers large, which is a much smaller surface then what we are used to. It is only natural to assume that the developers tried to quicken the pace of the fights, perhaps even to mimic their greatest competitor, Fortnite. Keeping up with this fine rival is one of PUBG’s main priorities, although not explicitly mentioned in the Roadmap itself, of course. Fortnite is a game with a highly attractive and free to play Battle Royale mode that seems to be constantly churning out new content, from skins and weapons to now even a mobile version of the game! PUBG’s new, the smaller map will be followed by a bigger one later this game that will be composed in more familiar 8×8 dimensions.

The developers have teased the appearance of the first new weapon, and it seems to be a Belgian FAL, or the American version of it, the DSA 58. This is a 7.62mm rifle with no actual appearance date, but if we were to judge by the rest of the content implementation, it could be coming out very soon, within the next couple of months. There are also new vehicles coming to PUBG, but without any details of what they might be. It is quite possible that we might see some new forms of water transportations since the new map is an island, surrounded by sea and many inlets.

The King’s New Clothes

PUBG developers are trying to give the game a better visual appearance, as they say, and have already treated us with some screenshots depicting the changes on the textures. While the new textures indeed look pretty, we believe that this is hardly an issue for the large majority of the PUBG players. The issue players find much more concerning is the stability of the game as well as the fight against the rampant cheating that has been plaguing it for the past several months, but Brendan is claiming that a large part of the resources will go to address exactly these problems. Some minor changes such as dividing players into different spawn areas at the beginning of the game and especially closing of the plane’s doors at the initial flight have improved the performance significantly, but there is a lot left to do. Unfortunately, one of the first major anti-cheat patches has caused serious problems with the game stability, forcing the developers to roll back to the previous version of the game and disable the new anti-cheat update.

But fret not, for PUBG now has player emotes! Already implemented on the live servers, these provide players with the opportunity to express themselves in interesting new ways… Well, basically to add insult to injury, so when you kill another player, you can burst out laughing, for example. The dozen emotes have a somewhat limited use for making yourself understandable or to communicate with others but are a better improvement over no emotes at all. Several of them are kind of pointless since I don’t really see players stopping in the middle of the fight and going into the middle of the road to simply taunt the enemy team. Also, there is no dance emote, which is simply devastating…

Positive change that we recently witnessed with PUBG is the in-game friend and teammate tracking system. I especially liked the possibility to easily follow up on people I had nice experience playing within random groups so that the next time was not just random players, but potential future friends as well.

Gameplay and Ballistic Changes

Let us be honest, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds do not really have much variety as it comes to game modes. The zombie mod feels unfinished, and it was supposed to be NPC zombies in it, roaming the countryside, not (just) the players. Instead of extending the gameplay options, they have even turned off the fog maps, and come to think of it, I can’t recall actually seeing an evening map on Erangel in months. However, this should change now with the introduction of the new game modes to PUBG. Sadly, no specifics are actually known at the time of us writing this, but we hope for different sized teams with new, specific objectives.

The upcoming ballistic changes are definitely taking the game into the right direction. While this initiative started with a somewhat silly background, due to the fact that players that were running and consequently swing their arms would be able to – accidentally – block bullets with their forearms Wonder Woman style. Of course, it wasn’t much of a “block,” since they would still be damaged, but it could stop an intended headshot. Now the PUBG developers are working on bullet penetration model that would allow the shots to penetrate limbs, as well as vehicles. I am personally hoping that it will be extended to include other ballistic features such as ricochets and especially material destruction. But the latter will definitely have to wait for a while still before it could be implemented, if ever.

Finally, there is another major talking point about the community support for the modding of the game. PUBG will get its own PUBG developer portal, along with the PUBG API and a developer’s blog. We are loving this part; the more different mods can be out there, and the sooner that can happen, the better!

Ready for eSports?

PUBG as a game is still very far away from actually being eSports ready, but according to the developers, it is one of the priorities they are investing a lot of effort in. Some of the problems are in the very nature of the game, such as the eternal question which team to follow when there are multiple simultaneous engagements on the map at once? Apparently, a 3D replay system is currently being worked on that will allow for the broadcasters to have much more freedom when it comes to this aspect. The ability to fluidly present the gameplay to the viewer followed up with knowledgeable and decent comments from broadcasters will go a long way to improve the quality of PUBG in eSports scene.

Bumpy Road Ahead?

While we all love the changes and implementations we are reading about in the Roadmap 2018, it still leaves us a bit dissatisfied and wanting more. The previous year of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was a year of broken promises, with features announced as eminent to never actually materialize, and even outright misinformation (not to use any harsher words) about loot crates and the practice of selling them. The PUBG Roadmap 2018 brings us things we already knew about, it reveals very little factual information and absolutely offers no actual time plan for the delivery. It is only reasonable to surmise that this is a result of backlash the community had in store for the developers after these repeatedly broke their promises and missed countless deadlines in 2017. In regard to PUBG Roadmap for 2018, we advise a very cautious, yet still an optimistic approach.

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