Agility Training OSRS Guide

OSRS Agility Training
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What we will cover for Agility Training OSRS

There are many skills in OSRS that players spend many hours levelling up. Each of these skills serves a different purpose depending on what approach that you want to take to the game. One of the key skills within the game is Agility, which has a rather unique way of levelling compared to others. The skill itself is only available for members, and gives players a number of shortcuts throughout the world of Gielinor. Therefore, it is an essential skill for you train, so you’ll want to know as much as possible about Agility Training OSRS.

Gaining access to shortcuts are not the only benefit to training Agility in OSRS. Those who boast a higher level in the skill can gain faster run energy restoration. For example, a player can recover 1% run energy every 7.5 seconds, whilst this can be recovered in half the time by level 50.

In this article we will be discussing:

  • What is Agility training in OSRS?
  • The best ways to train Agility.
  • Which is the quickest method?

What is Agility Training in OSRS?

Now that you’ve had a brief introduction to the skill, you’ll be wanting to know what Agility Training is, and how to make the most of it. Agility training OSRS can help you gain an advantage over those with a lower agility stat, and grant you access to numerous shortcuts.

In order to train Agility, you will have to do so in certain areas. These areas contain obstacles to pass, after which you will earn Agility experience. In each area, the last obstacle will earn you the most XP, so you can expect to gain a fair amount of experience by completing entire courses. There are several courses throughout the game, ranging from the Gnome Stronghold Agility Course with a level 1 Agility requirement to the Ardougne Agility Course, which will require you to be level  90.

What are the best ways to train Agility?

Before we get into the best Agility training methods, it is worth mentioning that there are certain items of clothing that would be beneficial to you whilst doing so. These include:

  • Graceful Outfit
  • Boots of Lightness
  • Spotted Cape
  • Spottier Cape
  • Penance Gloves

The reason for these items of clothing being of use is that you will be wanting to keep running around the courses best for Agility training, which can drain your run energy pretty quickly. Needless to say, weight-reduced clothing will come in handy here.

As previously mentioned, players can run Agility courses to train the skill. In order to complete these courses, you will have to follow signs that appear after passing an individual obstacle. This will then show you where the next obstacle can be found and so on, until you come to the end of the course. It is worth keeping in mind that the courses can result in you taking damage should you fail at any point, so remember to take items to replenish your health along the way. This doesn’t apply to every course however, and you are far less likely to fail once you start reaching higher levels.

In terms of items, you will find that the Graceful Outfit (as mentioned earlier) is your best bet for training Agility. The outfit can increase your energy restoration by 30%, courtesy of the 25kg weight reduction that it offers. The only way that you can get your hands on the outfit is with Marks of Grace, which can be exchanged from the Grace NPC in Rogues’ Den. To get Marks of Grace in the first place, you can earn them through Rooftop Agility Courses.

There are other factors that can aid your Agility training too. For example, there are potions including Stamina, Energy, and Super Energy which can help during Agility courses. You will need to have a Stamina level of up to 77 to obtain all three, though you can get Energy potions from level 26. You can also use Agility boosts, which you can make the most out of to gain access to a higher level of Agility courses. As a result, you can expect to make more XP per hour.

Agility Quests are also available for you to complete in order to gain a higher level in the skill. There are around 19 Agility Quests to complete, each with different requirements for you to meet to complete them.

What is the fastest method for Agility Training in OSRS?

Out of all of the courses for agility training, your best bet for training up your XP is the Werewolf Agility Course. Out of all of the other course, this particular one offers the most XP per hour, coming in at around 69,500 XP/h. In order to take part in the course, you will need to complete Creature of Fenkenstrain beforehand, but given the amount of XP you stand to earn each hour, it is definitely worth your time. You will also need to be at Agility level 60 to take on the Werewolf Course. The Rooftop Agility Courses are also handy since they give you a chance of gaining Marks of Grace, which can also help you earn money if you choose to use the system that way.

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The Agility skill is one of the most important skills you can focus on in OSRS. It can ultimately create a lot of shortcuts within the game for you to take advantage of and has more perks the higher that you train the skill.  What’s more, there are ways in which you can take advantage of money-making methods using the Marks of Grace. It may not be as effective as the many other money-making methods in Old School RuneScape, but you can use it as a secondary target whilst you are levelling up the skill. There are plenty of ways and courses for you to choose from, so it is a skill that you can easily integrate during your time in the game. Remember to have the right outfits to make the most of your stamina, pack the right items, and you will be amongst the higher levels of Agility in no time.

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