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OSRS Agility Guide for 1-99

OSRS Agility Guide
By | February 12th, 2019 | Categories: RuneScape

In our OSRS Agility Guide, we will be teaching you how you can reach level 1-99 as quickly as possible. We’ll be offering some advice on the best options you can use throughout the journey from 1-99 and giving tips on how you can master each option.

What’s great about agility in OSRS is that it hardly costs anything to train. In fact, it can cost nothing, but there are some options to speed things up with a small investment on some items.

What’s in this OSRS Agility Guide?

  • How to get to level 1-99 as efficiently as possible
  • Tips and tricks to master each method you will be using

Before we get started, it’s important to note that Agility in OSRS requires you to be a member. You cannot use Agility, train it, or get the benefits of using it without buying a membership. A month of membership costs $10.99. However, if you purchase bonds, you can get a membership for free. One bond gives you 14 days of membership, and two gives you 29 days. For the same cost of membership, you can buy 9 million gold, which will give you enough to buy three bonds, giving you 45 days of membership.

Okay, so for our agility guide, this is what we will be covering: First, we will explain the best methods for getting from level 1-99 as quickly as possible. Then, during each method, we’ll offer some tips you can use to master it.

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How do I get to level 99 Agility fast?

  • Use the most optimal training methods listed below
  • Make sure to read our tips and tricks in this OSRS Agility guide to master these methods

Level 1-32

the best way to level agility is actually to complete quests. The quests you should complete include Recruitment Drive, The Grand Tree, and finally, The Tourist Trap. When you get to choose experience in The Tourist Trap, make sure to choose agility twice. If you’ve already completed the Tourist trap, you can follow the first method below.

Level 20-30

Visit the Al Kharid agility course. Completing this can give you a maximum of 9,360 experience per hour. Make sure to use super energy potions to keep your run speed up for as long as possible. You will need to hit around 50 laps to get from level 20 to level 30.

To start this course, just climb up on the ‘rough wall’ just north of the tannery. You’ll finish at the scimitar shop and will then need to run back to the tannery. You can fall whilst doing this course, so bring some food. Just one or two high tier food items should do.

Level 30-40

Visit the Varrock Agility Course. Completing this will get you about 12,500 experience per hour. You’ll need to complete the course around 100 or so times.

You can start the Varrock Agility Course by clicking on the ‘rough wall’ on the side wall of the general store. You’ll finish outside the archery shop and then must run back to the general store. You can take up to 8 damage when you fall off of the clothesline and the balance wall, so bring 4-5 food items.

Level 40-60

Visit the Canifis Agility Course. Completing this will give you around 240 Agility experience each time. You’ll get about 15,000 experience per hour, and you will need to complete the lap about 980 times, for a total of 236,518 experience. This will take roughly 16 hours to get to level 60 from level 40. During this course, you may notice you earn lots of Marks of Grace from the rooftop course. Make sure you stock up on these and don’t use them until later levels! These will be handy for gaining faster experience later on.

Level 60-90

Visit the Seers’ Village Agility Course. We’d advise that you complete the hard Kandarin Diary tasks before you do this. If you complete them, you’ll have the ability to switch the Camelot Teleport to a location right next to the Seers’ bank.

With this, you can complete a lap and then just teleport to the bank to start again. You can get roughly 52,000 experience per hour. Once you hit level 80, you will stop failing this course, which means you’ll get close to 58,000 experience per hour.  This is only if you use the teleport, so make sure you complete the hard tasks! You’ll need to complete the lap around 9,000 times to get to level 90. Keep in mind that you’ll need law runes and an air staff to teleport, which will cost 9,000 law runes, but you get to train your magic experience at the same time.

Level 90-99

Visit the Ardougne Agility Course. This option lets you earn 60,000 experience per hour. If you complete the elite Ardougne Diary tasks you’ll get 25% more marks of grace when you do this course too!

For some extra tips during this course, you should always switch the course at the level that is suggested. You will maximize your experience gain this way. However, if you really like a course, you can stay there up to 20 levels past the recommended switch point. If you continue to stay after 20 levels, your experience rate will be reduced by 20%.

Also, you should spend any marks of grace you have on amylase crystals. These will allow you to create stamina potions – drinking these can help you to run continuously by topping up your stamina. Alternatively, just sell these crystals. That way, you can make up for the costs of the law runes and even make a bit of profit. You can earn 10 crystals with just 1 mark of grace, which can sell for 13,000.


That’s our OSRS Agility Guide wrapped up! We hope that the information in this guide has been useful. For the main takeaways, just make sure to switch to each course at the suggested level, and keep the marks for making stamina potions, because this will help speed things up. With the teleport method on level 60-90, you will not need stamina potions so you can save your crystals for level 90-99.

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    osrs February 13, 2019 at 8:27 pm - Reply

    It should also be mentioned that a lot of low level agility training can be skipped via the passive XP from barbarian fishing. Also, jumping pillars between Wintertodt is decent agility XP.

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