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Going the Right Path: OSRS Beginners Guide

OSRS Beginners Guide
By | August 12th, 2018 | Categories: RuneScape

For a game that’s been around since the early 2000’s, Old School RuneScape boasts an impressive player base – and there are more players joining all the time. The online player counts were even hitting upward of 100,000 people in the July 2018! With the launch of mobile coming soon, we hope, this number is expected to creep even higher. With so many people online, it’s entirely likely some of you out there have never played RuneScape before, and aren’t sure where to go to get started. Well, good news! We’ve got a wealth of RuneScape knowledge to share, so strap in. In the OSRS Beginners Guide, we’ll cover the basics of moneymaking, skilling, time wasting, memberships, and more!

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I just started my character, now what?

After you complete Tutorial Island and get dropped into Lumbridge, you might feel a bit amiss. What do I do? Where do I go? Who do I talk to? There’s a lot going on, and countless ways to play RuneScape, but I suggest you start with some beginners quests. Questing is a great way to get acclimated to the world of RuneScape, the nature of NPC’s, and to get comfortable exploring the open world. In Lumbridge, you can get started with The Restless Ghost and Cook’s Assistant. While completing the Restless Ghost, you can pick up Imp Catcher from the wizard in the wizard’s tower. The goal quest for new players is Dragon Slayer – if you can beat that, you’ll have truly achieved some stats worth bragging about.

The other perk of questing is that it’s a much faster route to be able to use the Grand Exchange – which will otherwise require you to have at least 24 in-game hours played. Speaking of which:

What’s the Grand Exchange?

What’s the Grand Exchange? It’s more or less a marketplace for players across all worlds of RuneScape to buy and sell items with one another. If you’re a seller, you offer up an item for a price (some are suggested for you based on market rates, or you can pick your own price) and if someone else in the world places a buy order for that item at the price you offer it for, they purchase it from you at the price you specified! The Grand Exchange is a great way for low-level players to get their hands on items that would otherwise take a lot of time to acquire, or to make a good amount of gold selling raw materials you collect or items you acquire.

The Grand Exchange is quite the complex marketplace, and some people use it like something akin to a stock market by “flipping” items – buying them at lower prices and selling them at higher prices – but that’s a guide for another day.

What’s the best way to make money?

When you’re out adventuring or leveling up your skills, you’re likely to run into many occasions when you’ll need gold to buy items. How the heck do some players acquire items worth hundreds of millions of GP? Well, most people get started making substantial amounts of money by skilling­– leveling specific skills that help them make more money. The biggest skills for this are Woodcutting, Mining, and (for members) Slayer. The easiest one to get started with is Woodcutting – you cut trees, save your logs, and sell them on the Grand Exchange. The downside to this method, and other skilling methods is that they take a long time before you become substantially profitable. If you’re looking for some quick gold, you’re better off killing monsters – like cows – and collecting the items they drop – like cowhides.

Quests will sometimes provide small sums of gold as well, but this is much slower of a method. If you’re not trying to get rich, though, it can be a lot of fun to quest to get rewards!

What’s the deal with Skilling?

RuneScape has a reputation for being a very “grind-y” game, that is to say, you can spend a lot of your time doing repetitive tasks to achieve skill levels. For me, that only means this game has the best skilling progression out there. Truly achieving skill mastery in OSRS is crazy hard, with some skills taking thousands of hours of play to achieve level 99. However, along the way, there are so many incremental milestones and benefits you earn for putting in the work it makes it all feel worthwhile. For new players, pick your core combat stats (attack, strength, defense, range, or magic) and some moneymaking skills and spend your time focusing on those. There’s no need going “all-in” on skills right away, I recommend spending your early gameplay questing, and leveling your skills only to aid your questing abilities. Once you’ve gotten familiar with the game, and what your own goals are, you’ll be able to dive headfirst into the skills of your choice.

Why should I buy or not buy a membership?

There are two tiers to RuneScape players: Free-to-Play (F2P) and Membership. Membership, as you might guess, costs a fee ($11 for 4 weeks). I always recommend playing for F2P for as long as possible before you start to get interested in members-only content. RuneScape is an awesome MMORPG for a multitude of reasons, not least of which is how much you can do as a Free-to-Play player. It’s a better investment of your dollar and your time to get the feel for the game and really make the most of the free-to-play content before splurging on a membership, when you’ll likely spend most of your low-level playtime doing things you could have done for free, anyway.

No matter when you do decide to make the jump to membership, a world of possibilities opens up to you. Over 2/3rds of the game’s content is gated behind members-only options, including new skilling areas, minigames, quests, and bosses. Most of this content is best experienced in late game when you have the skills and prerequisites you’ll need to access it, so as a new player you should focus mainly on leveling your skills and completing quests. Hopefully, this OSRS Beginners Guide helped to some degree.

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