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Free-to-play MMO games are gems, but they sometimes end up being pay-to-win, and that’s not cool. Some games ask for only one payment, but you’re never sure what to expect. Old School RuneScape (OSRS) has a good system with free-to-play worlds, which lets players get a taste for the game before they pay for the rest of the features.

What Do I Get with Membership?

OSRS paid memberships to get access to more in-game features than free-to-play players. Quests, locations, skills, abilities, equipment, and minigames are available to members.

  • Quests: can be the lifeblood of any RPG. Not only do they help players level up their characters or skills, but they assist in telling the story about the world. OSRS has about a hundred and thirty quests; however, a majority is only available to members.
  • Locations: members can access a larger world than the free-to-play. There are more towns and dungeons. Several transportation systems are accessible to travel faster, such as higher level teleporting skills, and the use of spirit trees.
  • Skills: out the twenty-three talents in OSRS, eight are available only for members. The skills include (1) agility, (2) construction, (3) farming, (4) fletching, (5) herblore, (6) hunter, (7) thieving, and (8) slayer. Agility and thieving allow access to previously inaccessible areas, as well as alternate entrances, exits, and shortcuts. Construction, fletching, and herblore let players create a house, have ammunition and ranged weapons, and potions. Hunter and slayer abilities unlock different equipment and capacity to craft. In addition, the slayer skill set opens new monsters and different ways to defeat them.
  • Abilities: utilizing the capabilities of higher level skills, which could require the use of members-only items. Free-to-play gamers can raise their skills to 99. However, they are limited in their use of capabilities the higher levels unlock. The usage of dragon armor or weapons is unlocked at level 60 for the respective skills, but the equipment can only be for members.
  • Equipment: more stuff for members only. Free players may obtain equipment, but they can’t use it. Some examples are the dragon stuff, as said earlier, as well as the barrows and granite gear.
  • Minigames: small co-op, competitive, or solo games that are available only worlds exclusively for members. Small games are proper ways to raise skill level or gain equipment. There are roughly 29 minigames.

How to Become a Member

How does someone become a member to gain the nuts and bolts of OSRS? Well, gamers either purchase a subscription from the site or buy an OSRS Bond, which is available in one month, three months, or year durations. The bond lasts for two weeks, but players can acquire them with in-game gold if they don’t want to spend real money. Gamers can trade with players, or also, allowing bonds to be given as gifts or swapped with another item. Since most of the game’s content is for members, bonds are highly valued. Price doesn’t usually go lower than the 2 million gold mark. In the past month, OSRS Bonds Price peaked at 2.9 million and sunk as low as 2.5 million.

With the benefits and extra features, isn’t buying a bond worth it? Technically, it’s free since virtual money is spent instead of real money. The real problem is gathering a substantial amount of gold. There are those who buy gold with real money, and then use that money to purchase bonds. It’s very convenient, and anyone can easily do it with PlayerAuctions. However, depending on the seller’s rates, it could be more expensive rather than acquire a subscription directly. RuneScape Bonds only last two weeks, and then you have to use another one again. The subscription lasts longer and may have greater value for money compared to bonds.

At the end of the day, it’s up to the player how they want to spend their real or in-game money. Whether they play without paying, bought the membership directly, paid or gathered gold for Old School RuneScape Bonds, gamers are playing the game in the way they enjoy. Anyway, the game encourages players to find a way to advance in the game, including how to enjoy the game. At any rate, no matter how you play, enjoy the game!

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