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OSRS Construction Guide for 1-99

OSRS Construction Guide
By | February 11th, 2019 | Categories: RuneScape

In this OSRS Construction Guide, we will be looking at the best methods to get from level 1 to level 99. We will give you the details on each method and provide some information on how much each method will cost.

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Hopefully, by the time you have finished reading this guide, you’ll have a strong idea about what you need to get to level 99 in Construction as quickly as possible.

What’s in this OSRS Construction Guide?

  • How to get started with Construction in OSRS
  • Tips on getting to level 99 as quickly as possible

To begin with, this OSRS construction guide will explain how you can get started with Construction in Old School RuneScape. After that, we’ll offer some tips for getting to level 99. We will suggest some tips on how to get to level 99 as quickly as possible. These methods are the most expensive, so brace yourselves for the expected cost rundown. However, these are without a doubt the most efficient methods.

OSRS Construction Guide – Getting Started

  • You must be a member
  • You must purchase a house at an estate agent

Construction is a member only skill in OSRS, which means you must purchase a membership. If you don’t have a membership but do have gold, you can purchase a bond and then use that to buy a membership in the game.

Once you have a membership, visit the estate agent in Falador to purchase a house for 1,000 gold coins. You’ll see a small house icon on the mini-map to signify where the estate agent is located.

You will also need a saw and hammer in your inventory to speed up crafting. If you have any clothes that can reduce weight, wear them. They’ll help because you will be running back and forth a lot.

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How do I get to Construction level 99 quickly?

  • We will cover the estimated costs to get to level 99
  • After, we will share the best methods you can use for quick leveling

Construction is the most expensive skill in OSRS. This means you’ll need a big bank to get to level 99, especially if you want to use the most efficient methods mentioned below. However, construction can be great for helping to level prayer faster and it has many other excellent benefits, such as help with farming.

Level 1-33

To get to level 33, the maximum cost is 700,000. The minimum cost is 293,000 but with much longer crafting times.

From level 1 to 33, you should make crude wooden chairs. You need 2 planks and 2 nails for this. For these levels, you’ll need a total of 635 planks and 635 Rune nails. This will cost 530,000 for the nails and 170,000 for the planks.

To save money, craft the planks yourself at a sawmill and buy steel nails. You’ll need around 1200 nails, but you’ll save 330,000 on the nails and 107,000 on the planks.

Level 33-74

To get to level 74, the maximum cost will be 7.7 million. The minimum cost is 4 million but with much longer crafting times.

The most efficient way to reach level 74 from level 33 is to buy 17,968 oak planks and craft oak larders. If you craft the planks yourself, you can save 3.7 million, but you will need to spend far longer creating them.

Level 52-99

Want to speed things up? As soon as you hit level 52, switch to mahogany tables. We explain this in more detail below.

To get to level 99 from 52, the maximum cost will be 195 million. Yes, that’s right. The costs will be slightly less if you don’t start until level 74, but you’ll still spend over 150 million.

Regardless of what level you start at, during these levels you should craft mahogany tables with a demon butler in your home. You need 6 mahogany planks to craft a table. In total, you’ll need 92,215 planks from level 52 to level 99. If you use a butler to fetch planks from the bank, you can continue to craft whilst he is taking the trip. You can earn around 700,000 experience per hour.

Is there a cheaper method in this OSRS Construction Guide?

Stick to oak larders up to level 74, then at level 74 switch to oak dungeon doors all of the way to level 99.

For this, you will need 198,970 oak planks and you’ll earn just 450,000 experience an hour, with a human butler fetching planks for you. The cost will be 85 million but will take exactly twice as long as the mahogany tables.

So, to summarize, we have the same method up to level 33, at that point you can start creating oak larders.

At level 52, you can branch off to mahogany tables for optimal experience gain, but it will be the most expensive. For the cheapest option, keep crafting oak larders up to level 74, then switch to oak dungeon doors.

If you go for the cheapest options listed, you’ll spend about 90 million if you craft the planks yourself up to level 74. If you go for the most optimal options, you’ll spend just over 200 million. However, the most optimal options are around 3 times faster than the cheapest options.

With the most optimal route, the total time required to reach level 99 Construction is between 30-40 hours, depending on how efficient you are with creating mahogany tables in the later levels.

By crafting all the planks yourself, then switching to oak dungeon doors, you are easily looking at spending 120-150 hours on the entire process. If you work the US minimum wage, you could spend just 15 hours working and purchase the extra 110 million gold needed for the most optimal method. That would save you a massive 90-110 hours of grinding time.


Did you find our OSRS Construction Guide useful? I hope that the tips we’ve used in this guide can help you to get to level 99 Construction as quickly as possible.

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