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OSRS F2P Money Making Guide

OSRS F2P Money Making Guide
By | December 4th, 2017 | Categories: RuneScape

Money making is a central part of Old School RuneScape (OSRS). You need money to purchase new gear and to buy items to level up your skills.

When it comes to RS money making, it’s important to find the most time-effective methods. The goal is to earn as much money as possible per hour. In this OSRS F2P Money Making guide, we’ll go over some of the most time-effective methods currently in the game.

Before we get started, keep in mind that most of the best money making methods are only available to members. The free-to-play money making methods will make you far less profit.

What’s the best F2P method?

  • Farming Ankous – 120k/hr

This is the second best money making method for F2P. Visit level 4 of the Stronghold of Security to find the Ankous. Make sure to bring an inventory filled with food. It’s advised that your attack, defense, and strength levels are 60+.

Ankous will drop noted death runes, noted blood runes, and some other items. Within an hour, you’ll have enough runes to make roughly 100k. The remaining items you pick up should net you an extra 20-40k.

How about the high-level F2P method?

  • Mining Runite Ore – 450k/hr

This option is the best method for F2P players. With this method, you’ll need 85 mining.

It’ll take an incredibly long time to get your mining level this high so it may be worth spending your time farming Ankous to get enough gold to buy a bond. You could then get a membership and make far more money on a members’ world.

If you’d like to go ahead with mining runite ore, you’ll need to visit the Wilderness Rune Maze. It’s in level 46 Wilderness North West of the Lava Maze. It’s a highly competitive spot, so you’ll need to world hop and be prepared for PKers.

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What about the top money making with no requirements?

  • Tanning Blue Dragonhide – 500k/hr

As soon as you become a member you’ll notice how much easier it is to make money. For example, you can tan blue dragonhide on a fresh account with no skills and you’ll still make more money than an F2P player with level 85 mining.

To tan blue dragonhide, you must follow this process below:

  • Buy as many blue dragonhides as you can from the grand exchange for a low price
  • Put the blue dragonhides in your bank
  • Go to Al-Kharid bank
  • Equip an inventory of blue dragonhides
  • Run north to Ellis, next to the furnace building
  • Right-click to trade with Ellis and pay him to tan your blue dragonhide
  • Repeat the process then return to the Grand Exchange to sell your blue dragon leather for a profit.

How about mid-level money making?

  • Enchanting Dragonstone Amulets – 1.5mil/hr

You’ll need to train a little to be able to get access to this money making method, but at 1.5 mil an hour, it’s worth it. For this method, you’ll need level 68 magic.

To get started, purchase and equip a mud battlestaff at the grand exchange. Next, use the remainder of your money to purchase an equal amount of Dragonstone amulets and Cosmic runes.

You can then use the Enchant Level 5 Jewellery spell to enchant the Dragonstone amulets into Amulets of Glory. You can repeat this process once you’ve sold your Amulets of Glory. After that, you can repeat the process. This is a very easy method for making money because you can do it all within the Grand Exchange.

What about the best money making for members?

  • Magic Saplings – 8mil/hr

Growing magic saplings is by far the currently the most profitable money making methods in OSRS. To do this method, you will need 68 magic and 75 farming.

First, get a Steam battlestaff and a Gardening Trowel. You’ll also need 68 Astral Runes. With your remaining money, you’ll then need an equal number of magic seeds and Filled plant Pots.

Finally, you’ll also need to have completed the Dream Mentor and Lunar Spellbook quest.

Once you have all of the correct requirements, you can get started. Here are the steps you must follow:

  • Have your gardening trowel and Astral Runes in your inventory
  • Fill the remaining spaces with an equal number of Magic seeds and Filled Plant Pots
  • Click on a Magic seed and then click on the Filled Plant Pot. This creates a seedling.
  • Repeat this process for all Magic Seeds.
  • Use the Humidify spell on all Seedlings.
  • Put the seedlings in your bank. They’ll turn into Saplings in your bank.
  • Repeat the process above.
  • Sell the saplings on the Grand Exchange and start again with new Magic Seeds and Filled Plant Pots


Thanks for taking the time to read our OSRS F2P Money Making guide! Which money making method will you be trying next in OSRS? Drop us a comment.

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