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OSRS Fishing Guide for 1-99 F2P/P2P 2019

By | May 14th, 2018 | Categories: RuneScape

Fishing in Old School Runescape is the fast-track to 99 skill if there ever was one. While the road to your skill cape isn’t perhaps glamorous, it is indeed one of the easiest skills to train and its fun for making conversation with other players. But what’s the best way to go? Lobs and swords, or trout and salmon? This week, PlayerAuctions breaks down all the best tips and tricks to 99 fishing with our OSRS F2P Fishing Guide for 1-99 (Most tips also apply to P2P mode).

What do I need to get started with this 1-99 Fishing Guide in OSRS?

  • Small Net
  • Fishing Rod, bait, and feathers
  • Lobster Pot, Harpoon, Large Net (optional)
  • To complete the Pirate’s Treasure Quest

Level 1 -20: Shrimp and Anchovies

For the first twenty levels, there aren’t any difficult decisions to make: you’re just catching shrimp with a small net. At 15, you’ll start netting anchovies as well, slightly increasing your exp/hour and significantly increasing your gp/hour if you choose to bank your catch. This is up to you, if you’re trying to make some gold, anchovies are a great way to go, as high-level Cooking skill players can use these to make anchovy pizzas, and pay a pretty penny to do so.

Level 20 to ?: Trout, Salmon, and Difficult Decisions

After 20, go pick up a fishing rod, bait, and feathers at the Grand Exchange, then walk immediately west until you reach Barbarian Village over the bridge. Here, you’ll see the very popular trout fishing location just north of the bridge on the west side. In theory, you would hit level 99 fastest if you remain fishing here forever. Unfortunately, and in practice, this doesn’t usually work because it’s boring and it requires you to buy a lot of feathers and bait, which can be too costly an investment for many low level or new players. Whether or not you stay here, we don’t recommend banking your trout and salmon unless you’re really trying to pinch pennies and perhaps want to use them for Cooking experience. Otherwise, you’ll make more money by powerfishing, dropping your raw fish, until you reach level 40.

Level 40 to 50: Lobsters

At level 40, most players grab a lobster pot and head over to Karamja. If you haven’t completed the Pirate’s Treasure quest, you’ll need to do so to use the pay-fare for traveling. The quest isn’t particularly difficult and provides a nice break-up to the monotony of fishing day-in and day-out. You’ll want to keep a stash of gold on you to pay the fares if you plan to bank this substantially more valuable catch, as you’ll be traveling to and from Karamja via the pay-fare to get to a bank. You’re technically going to Musa Point, the dock area down the path from the general store, so just follow the hordes of bots who are undoubtedly also fishing here (it’s to the north-west of the docks). Your exp/hour is going to be substantially lower than it was power-fishing the trout and salmon, but you’ll be making much more money. Soon, you’ll be level 50, and you can move onto bigger and better fish – tuna.

Members have significant advantages to fishing lobsters, and if you’re a member, you should make use of the lobster fishing spot in Catherby. Here, you’re much closer to a bank than Karamja, and this makes this a very viable option for fishing until level 63 – when you should head to the Fishing Guild. Until then though, you will enjoy a profit of approximately 1 mill, in OSRS May 2018 Gold. After 63, head to the Fishing Guild, which we elaborate on below.

Level 50 to 99: Tuna and Swordfish

Buy yourself a harpoon, and then you’re doing very much the same as you were doing with lobsters until now! We recommend banking your swordfish, which you can immediately start catching and dropping your tuna. If you’re dual training your cooking skill, you could hang on to both and powercook them all, or bring your favorite firemaking equipment to cook them on the spot and drop the burnt fish. Whatever you decide to do, for F2P players, you won’t find a much better method, although you can always switch back to powerfishing trout if this really starts to bore you. Personally, I would rotate back and forth every day of playing or so, as this kept things fresh, and I got tired of seeing all the bots a Karamja. The choice is yours!

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Level 63 (Members Only): OSRS Fishing Guild and Monkfish

Members have two significant advantages after level 63, and those are the Fishing Guild and Monkfish.

OSRS Fishing Guild

The Fishing Guild allows several new spots for harpoon fishing swordfish and tuna, lobster fishing, and large net fishing (for, among other things, sharks). The other awesome benefit of the Fishing Guild is that, like all OSRS Skill Guilds, you can access your bank directly from here. Wearing an angler outfit and fishing here allows you better experience per hour than any other method (except for Barbarian fishing) and the best gp/hour you can get for the fish you have access to here. It’s the best of both worlds! The only better gp per hour you’ll find in the Fishing World is the other benefit we mentioned: Monkfish.


Monkfish provide the best profit per hour of any Fishing skill method, at approximately 600,000 gp per hour (though this number might change as Grand Exchange prices fluctuate.) Complete the Swan Song Quest to access the Piscatoris Fishing Colony area, and bank your treasured catch in the bank just south of the area. Low-level players may have trouble completing this quest, but many high-level players who hangout fishing in the area have been known to assist with high-level combat enemies that you’ll encounter. Just another way OSRS continues to have the greatest community around! If you’re having trouble with the quest, sharks and swordfish at the Fishing Guild are a comparable option, although your profit and experience per hour will suffer greatly with these options.


That’s all for this OSRS Fishing Guide for 1-99, folks. Keep in mind that plenty of OSRS Guides are available on this site. Select what works best, then, make something happen with your gameplay.

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