OSRS Magic Guide for 1-99 F2P/P2P 2019

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For most players, magic is considered to be a mundane skill involving repetitive clicking and very expensive runes. Fortunately, using the most efficient training routes, it is still a relatively easy skill to achieve Level 99. This 1-99 Magic Leveling Guide will go over some of the preferred routes in OSRS to train magic, including some AFK Magic Training Methods to break up the monotony.

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1-99 OSRS F2P Method

The free version of the game allows users to train magic but with a very limited spellbook and equipment availability. In other words, if you are diligent enough, you can still achieve level 99 in a relatively short amount of time. Without further delay, here’s the F2P section of our OSRS Magic guide.

Level 1–29+: Starting Out

Firstly, getting started in this F2P OSRS Magic guide is almost identical to training in Members, aside from the fact that multi-elemental staves and magic potions are not available. Moreover, magic gear and monsters to train on is severely limited and there will be no upgrades starting from level 1.

If you will start training using the basic strike spells, obtain a Wizard’s Hat, Wizard’s Robe Top, Zamorak Robe Bottom, an Amulet of Magic, and any elemental staff. This will be the best gear for magic accuracy in this version of the game.

Level 29–43/55: Curse Splashing

A relatively fast an cheap way to train until High Level Alchemy is unlocked is by splashing the Curse spell. Take a full set of armor with either Dragonhide Vambraces or the Cursed Goblin Staff so that you will splash every spell cast. Approximately 29,000 experience per hour may be gained, which is much better than other spells before level 55.

Level 55–99: Curse Alching

Another method is Curse Alching, which is very similar to Stun Alching, just with the lower-level curse and the lack of multi-elemental staves. The idea is to cast Curse on a monster while wearing a full set of armor and Green Dragonhide Vambraces, with High Level Alchemy between casts. In addition, if you practice becoming efficient, you can get up to 100,000 experience per hour.

Level 13-37+: Killing Ogress Warriors

Ogresses are simply the most profitable monster to kill in F2P and they are especially weak to magic. There are multiple safe spots within their caves, so you can kill them even at a low level with Fire Strike or Fire Bolt. This is a relatively easy method for AFK training while making up to 100,000 GP per hour.

Level 55+: Telegrab Zamorak Wines + Alching

The Zamorak Wine spawn above Falador is one of the hottest locations to make money in F2p. Since there is a lot of downtime between banking or waiting for wines to respawn, you can cast High Level Alchemy on noted items in your inventory. You can make approximately 200,000 GP per hour while gaining a relatively fast amount of experience.

1-99 OSRS P2P Magic Guide

With access to membership, training methods are extremely diverse with varying levels of experience. The fastest training methods are typically the most expensive while passive magic training may be either profitable or barely break even. Without further ado, the P2P section of our Magic guide for OSRS.

Level 1–13: Strike Spells

To begin with, fire strike is a spell useful to complete low-level spells and some money-making methods (like safe-spotting blue dragons).  Unfortunately, the strike spells beforehand are rather weak and cost nearly the same amount to cast. This is why you will want to quickly get this part of leveling out of the way.

You may just start with air strike with an air staff. However, a more efficient way to start is to get Level 10 Magic by completing Witch’s Potion and Imp Catcher. In conjunction with a magic potion, you may start the grind by using Fire Strike to quickly reach level 13.

While you may auto-cast spells on just about anything at this level, it is best to either splash in a full set of armor or train on monsters that have very low base defense.

Level 13–37: Fire Strike

Fire Strike is simply the most accurate and hard-hitting way for a low level to kill high-level monsters. In addition, if you are starting a fresh account, this spell is a very cheap way to get through quests like Gnome Stronghold or Fight Arena. In addition, you may use this spell to safe-spot dragons, giants or other profitable monsters.

So, assuming you hit with a decent level of accuracy and you bring along Curse runes to cast in-between monsters, you can achieve experience rates of at least 20,000 experience per hour.

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Level 37–43/55: Fire Bolt

At a little over 100 GP per cast, it is significantly more expensive to use than Fire Strike, but it has a higher base experience per cast and a higher maximum hit. In combination with the Chaos Gauntlets from the Family Crest quest, the maximum damage is increased by 3. Due to the high hit rate, this is one of the most cost- efficient spells to use on profitable monsters like Steel Dragons.

Level 43–55+: Superheat Item

An alternative method of training is Superheat Items, which can also net passive Smithing experience. At full concentration, you can get at least 80,000 experience per hour with this spell.

The only downside is if purchase ores and runes from the Grand Exchange, this method of training always results at a slight loss. For overall efficiency, you may also mine ores and superheat them on the spot.

Level 45–55: Camelot Teleport

As you only need an air staff and 1 law rune to cast this spell, this is the most cost-efficient way to spam teleports to train magic. While it is repetitive and somewhat costly, you can gain up to 80,000 experience per hour and quickly reach level 55.

Level 55–99: High Level Alchemy

High Level Alchemy will simply turn an item into gold with each spell cast. Since you would need to invest in the cost of items and Nature Runes, most uses of this spell will result in a loss. Fortunately, the F2P Wiki hosts an automatically updated list of items that are profitable to alchemize.

Since alchemy is a zero-time portable spell, you may take it with you while training other skills. The most popular route is to use it during Agility training or questing as there is downtime while running between locations. If you time it right, you may cast HLA in between melee hits while training Slayer.

Level 80–99: Stun Alching

The idea is to splash stun on a monster while alchemizing items in between ticks. Depending on your screen resolution, you should choose a training spot where the NPC is a short distance from the spell book. Additionally, You will need a mud staff, a full set of armor, and Dragonhide Vambraces the maximum negative magic bonus.

As a result, with a little bit of practice, you can get up to 170,000 experience per hour without taking breaks. This is the fastest magic training route for people avoiding hitpoints experience.

Level 70–99: Ice Bursting/Barraging MM2 Tunnels

The absolute best spot to use ice spells would be in the tunnels filled with Maniacal Monkeys during the second chapter of Monkey Madness II. The idea is to run North East and clump together monkeys and stack them by running around the corner between hits.

With Ice Burst, it is possible to reach 300,000 experience per hour while you may get over 400,000 experience per hour with Ice Barrage. When using Ice Barrage, each cast costs approximately 860 GP and 1,500 GP respectively.

As for dealing with prayer, the monkeys will occasionally drop 1-dose prayer potions, and in combination with the Holy Wrench, should be enough to sustain your trip. If you also utilize the Dragonbone Necklace along with the auto-burying feature of the Bone Crusher, your prayer will regenerate with every kill.

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How about AFK Magic Training in OSRS?

Level 37+: OSRS Nightmare Zone Guide

OSRS Nightmare Zone (NMZ) is typically preferred for Melee or Range training simply due to the cost of runes. If you have the right set up, it can still be worth training magic while making a slight profit.

It is recommended to use Fire Bolt, Chaos Gauntlets from the family crest, and at least mid-level training equipment like Mystic Robes or Void Knight equipment. You will also want to stock up on Absorption Potions as it is much cheaper than using protection prayers. With this setup, up to 40,000 experience per hour is achievable.

Create a Regular Rumble and only select monsters that use basic melee. First, bring your hitpoints down to 1 using a rock cake and consume Absorption Potions until 1,000 life. Then, as your life meter goes down slowly, you will only need to occasionally click an absorption potion or rock cake to remain logged into the game.

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Level 80+: String Jewelry

String Jewelry allows the player to put strings on amulets without needing a ball of wool. While this spell isn’t particularly useful for most players, it will automatically cast until every amulet in the player’s inventory is strung.

Most importantly, it allows the player to be AFK in the bank while gaining over 130,000 experience per hour. It is a popular training choice as completing the Lunar Diplomacy quest is the only prerequisite.

Level 13+: Splashing

Splashing is the easiest way to train magic in OSRS, although it is also one of the slowest routes in this Magic guide. To start, equip a full armor set, Dragonhide Vambraces, any metal boots, and a Smoke Battlestaff. Keep in mind, it is recommended to attack low-level monsters like chickens so you may train magic without taking damage.

However, if you are on a budget, you may splash with Fire Strike for a mere 13,000 experience per hour. If you have plenty of money to spend, Fire Wave is the most efficient way to train at just over 50,000 experience per hour.

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Wrapping Things Up

Magic is one of the most important skills if you plan on dedicating your character to PVP. So, even though you don’t need Level 99 to unlock the best spells in the game, having Level 99 will provide the maximum possible magic defense from other players. Therefore, if you follow the advice within this OSRS Magic Training Guide, you will efficiently hit your level goal and go further towards end-game content.

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