OSRS Money Making Guide – Best P2P Methods (Christmas 2019)

OSRS Money Making Guide
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It’s that special time of year again when festive cheer spreads throughout the world—and even spills over to the gaming world. As always, it even makes a stop in Old School RuneScape in the form of another Christmas event. This year, the OSRS developers have put on a holiday to remember for players. You’ll definitely want to employ all the best ways to make money in the game to get your seasonal spending up to scratch. With that said, here is an OSRS money making guide to help you line your virtual pockets with gold this Christmas!

Is Christmas also coming to the Grand Exchange?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of how you can effectively make money, there are a few additions that the team will be making for the holidays first. The development team is currently introducing a smoother way of movement for players to traverse through the Gielinor which will come as great news to fans. Not only that, but there is a wealth of seasonal additions that will be introduced throughout the month.

So far, you may have seen that there is an advent calendar for you to open throughout the course of December, which offers a festive prize each day ranging from Christmas jumpers, to cat outfits, weapons and more! You’ll also receive Merry the Christmas Yeti if you use the calendar for 15 days after logging in.

This year will also see the return of the Christmas Cracker event. In this instance, players will be tasked with teaming up with their friends to create a giant cracker at the Grand Exchange. This can prove to be very beneficial for players who choose to participate. They will not only be able to claim the prizes within the crackers, but they will also gain Construction XP along the way. Other rewards will stem from having to help Santa find the presents that have been missing from his sleigh. These will also go to the Christmas Cracker event.

There are, of course, more conventional methods of making money in OSRS, and there are a few that you should certainly consider. There isn’t particularly any one method that is better than the other so much so that it stands out from the rest. Ultimately, you can make the best of money making to cater to your approach to the game. If you focus on a variety of skills, ranging from Mining, to Farming, and Smithing, you will open up your options to making more money this Christmas, so stick with this guide to learn more.

How do I take advantage of the shops this Christmas?

This Christmas, you are probably going to want to stop by a shop or two, especially since it is one of the better P2P methods of money-making in OSRS. With this method, your best course of action is to get a particular item and collect as many as you possibly can. This way, you will be buying bulk amounts of items that you can go on to sell.

There is more to this method though than it initially seems on the surface. Not only will you want to sell these bulk items to a shop, but you will predominantly want to visit specialty stores where you will be able to sell the items for more profit than you normally would. To make the most of this method, you will want to find items that are worth less 200 rsgp, and that have a value lower than the high alch value, since these specialty stores buy for more than the item’s alch value.

Is smithing Rune items beneficial?

As we previously discussed, getting your levels up in certain areas can prove to be extremely beneficial, and if you are looking for the most effective money-making methods, then Smithing will be something that you will want to look into. By Smithing Rune Plateskirts, Platelegs, and Rune Swords, you can expect to make a considerable profit of over 400K in OSRS Gold. Plateskirts can fetch you around 480 rsgp, where platelegs can get you 550 rsgp, and swords will yield you around 470 rsgp.

So, the requirements are quite high. But in the end, this is one of the most effective ways of making a healthy amount of gold. You are looking at up to about 900 gold over the course of an hour, but you will need to keep a close eye on the price of Rune bars since the price of these items can fluctuate over time.

Did someone say it’s pizza time?

Everybody loves Pizza, right? Well, if you want a slightly less daunting way of making gold than the previous methods we’ve discussed, then cooking up a slice or two could go a long way. It may not be as festive, unless you aren’t partial to Turkey dinner, but it can prove to be another useful way to make cash.

However, cooking pizza does take a bit more effort than standard cooking. To maximize your income, you will need to cook the pizza from scratch. This can be done using a pizza base (obviously) which is made by using flour and a bucket of water. From there, add tomato and cheese and you have yourself an uncooked pizza. Then, you have the choice of adding meat or Anchovy to increase your profit, though it isn’t really worth going out of your way to add these items since they only offer an additional profit of 20 rsgp.

You can make a tidy profit from pizzas, racking up around 150K OSRS Gold if done properly, though you will want to get your cooking skills higher to make the most of this method since you have a higher chance of burning your precious creations before reaching level 68.

Shall we raise the wine glasses?

Okay, maybe Pizza isn’t the most festive way of making gold, but everyone of age enjoys a tipple over the Christmas period. By Tele-grabbing Wines, you stand to make a profit of around 200K OSRS Gold. There are requirements for this method, however, which will see you needing to have reached level 33 in Magic, and an overall level total of 500.

Head north from Falador to reach the Chaos Temple once you have the Telekinetic grab runes. Once there, you will have to wear a Zamorak monk top and bottom, and get your hands on some wine. From there, you can use a Falador teleport to transport back and forth to the bank and rack up some OSRS gold through this tipple.

So there you have it! This OSRS Money Making Guide should see you through the festive period with plenty of OSRS gold. Some will require more work than others, but they are generally fun methods for you to enjoy throughout the holiday season. With that said, enjoy racking up your gold and have an awesome adventure this Christmas!

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  1. jason dallas July 20, 2020 at 3:32 am - Reply

    Thanks for the info ! I think that Wine of Zamorak is one of more recognized money making methods in osrs. To start collecting Wine of Zamorak you need to go to the chaos temple west of Goblin Village. You can raise a profit around like 200k gold per hour

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