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Top OSRS Money Making Guide for Beginners

OSRS Money Making Guide
By | September 6th, 2018 | Categories: RuneScape

In our OSRS Money Making Guide for new players, we have shared all of the latest and greatest money making methods in Old School RuneScape.

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Keep in mind that these methods are the most popular options for new players at the time of writing. Because the price of items is constantly fluctuating, the suggested average profit may alter slightly when you try these methods yourself.

What do I need for our OSRS Money Making Guide?

  • All of our money making methods have no requirements
  • The more initial money you have, the more profit you will have per hour

For this guide, we have picked out a variety of different options. It’s up to you which option you pick, but they are all similar.

The concept for all of these options is that you buy a certain item from the Grand Exchange, process it and then sell the processed version for more money.

Learn more about each option below.

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What are the best methods that don’t have requirements?

  • Exchanging mole parts – Roughly 900K profit/hr
  • Tanning dragonhide – Roughly 600K profit/hr
  • Crushing bird nests – Roughly 450K profit/hr

We have picked out three different money making guides that have zero requirements. These methods are not going to get you the most profit per hour in the game, but they’re an excellent starting point for those that don’t have high levels in combat or skilling abilities.

For these methods to be the most profitable, you will need an initial bank balance. The more money you have to begin with, the faster you’ll be able to purchase the required items and process them.

With that in mind, let’s begin.

How do I tan Dragonhide for profit?

  • Buy Dragonhide in the Grand Exchange
  • Go to Al Kharid to process it
  • Return to the Grand Exchange to sell it for profit

This method relies on the fact that most of the time, dragonhide leather is worth more than raw dragonhide. The profit you can get depends heavily on the price difference between the hide you choose.

To find the best price for you, buy 1 each of the following:

  • Red dragonhide
  • Blue dragonhide
  • Black dragonhide
  • Green dragonhide

Next, buy and sell one each of the following:

  • Red dragon leather
  • Blue dragon leather
  • Black dragon leather
  • Green dragon leather

Make note of the BUYING price of the dragonhide and compare it to the SELLING price of the corresponding dragon leather.

Whichever color has the most difference should be the color you choose.

Next, buy as many of that particular dragonhide as possible, then visit Al Kharid.

In Al Kharid, you can follow this route to tan your dragonhide and turn it into leather:

  • Visit the Bank at the south of Al Kharid
  • Use one spot of your inventory for coins
  • Fill the rest with dragonhide
  • Go north to the furnace room and speak to Ellis
  • He will tan your hide for 20 each.
  • Next, go back to the bank, store the dragon leather and repeat

How do I make a profit exchanging mole parts?

  • Buy mole claws and mole skins from the Grand Exchange
  • Go to Falador and put the mole items in your inventory (noted)
  • Visit Wyson the gardener North East of the main bank
  • Exchange your mole items for nest boxes
  • Open the nest boxes and then store the items from inside
  • Sell the items from the bird nests for profit

At the time of writing, exchanging mole parts is the most profitable method for making money without any skill requirements in Old School RuneScape.

To do it, you must first visit the Grand Exchange. Once there, spend all of your money on mole claws and mole skin.

For every 2 Mole skin you purchase, buy one Mole claw.

Next, visit Falador and add the mole claws and mole skin to your inventory in noted form.

Go North East of the main Falador bank and visit Wyson the gardener. You can speak to him to exchange your mole items for nest boxes.

You can then visit the bank to start opening the nest boxes and storing the items into your bank.

This process takes a lot of clicking, but it’s incredibly profitable.

How do I make money crushing bird nests?

  • Buy one pestle and mortar from the Grand Exchange
  • Spend the rest of your money on bird nests
  • Crush the nests in your inventory
  • Sell the crushed nests for profit

This final option makes the least amount of money per hour, but it’s popular because it can be done straight from within the Grand Exchange.

The other two methods are more click-intensive and require you to move back and forth between locations.

To get started, first make sure you have one pestle and mortar in your inventory. Next, spend the remainder of your available coins on bird nests. You can then quick-fill the remainder of your inventory with bird nests and then start to crush them.

If you right-click and ‘use’ the pestle and mortar on the bird nests, it’ll crush them slowly, but a full inventory is done automatically.

Alternatively, you can click on each nest and crush them manually. This second option is faster so you’ll make more profit per hour but it requires more attention.

Which money making method is best?

  • Tan dragonhide for less effort but medium profit
  • Opt for exchanging mole parts for the most profit but most effort
  • Go for crushing birds nests if you want the least effort

In this guide, we have picked out three different processing options for making money. None of them have skill requirements, but they all require an initial investment.

The option for the most profit per hour will be exchanging mole parts, but this option is the most tedious and takes the most concentration.

In the middle, we have dragonhide tanning – this takes less effort, but you must still run back and forth between a bank and the tanner in Al Kharid.

Finally, we have bird nests – crushing these will net you less profit than the other two options, but it can be done with very little effort.


Well, that sums up our look at the best OSRS Money Making Guide that has no requirements. Which method will you be trying first?

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    Brandon November 26, 2019 at 9:51 pm - Reply

    None of these methods are viable anymore. Do you do updated methods or no?

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