OSRS Slayer Guide for 1-99

OSRS Slayer Guide
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I’m going to let you in on a secret about combat training you might not be aware of, are you ready? Grinding to 99 with your combat skills isn’t the way to go anymore, and if you aren’t training Slayer, you’re wasting your time. That’s right, you’ve probably been doing combat training wrong this whole time. Why is that? Well, you may know slayer as a money-making skill, and for those ends, it definitely achieves its goal. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better way to make money skilling than by doing slayer tasks. But there’s much more to this than just that – slayer allows you some insane damage bonuses and unparalleled access to leveling gear. In many slayer cases, you’ll actually be getting better exp/hour than you would grinding your combat skills traditionally, and you’ll be dual-training and making money at the same time! Plus, if you waste time training other skills before you get to slayer, eventually you’ll your skills and just be wasting the time you could’ve spent getting double experience. Sound good enough? Read on for some top-notch methods to 99 in this OSRS Slayer Guide.

What’s your combat?

Slayer tasks are unique in that they are closely tied to your combat level. The slayer master you can speak with has nothing to do with your Slayer level (with the exception of Duradel), rather, your combat level is what dictates the Slayer Master you can speak with. The higher tier slayer master you get your tasks from, the more points you’ll receive per task (Krystilia is an exception.)

If you’re an extremely low-level player, your best bet is Krystillia or Mazchna, who require combat 0 and combat 20 respectively. Krystilia is particularly interesting because all of her tasks require the player to kill enemies in the wilderness, and can be difficult for low-level players to achieve, despite there being no level cap. Additionally, her slayer tasks reward 25 points per task, a point level unattainable by any other slayer master. Even at the highest-level slayer master, with 100 combat and 50 slayer, you would only receive slayer tasks that reward 15 points per task. If points are what you’re after, your best bet is Krystilia and wilderness slayer tasks.

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Level 1-25

Regardless of your combat level, I recommend highly spending your early levels at Krystilia to earn enough points for the Bigger and Badder perk. This perk allows you to, once in a while, Superior enemies will spawn while you’re killing for slayer tasks. These monsters give you a big boost of Slayer experience when defeated, and have valuable drops, including the Eternal Gem and Imbued Heart. You want to get this perk as fast as possible, because you’ll be battling a lot of enemies on the route to 99 and want as many chances as possible to fight superiors for the gp you’ll earn and for the extra challenge. Use Krystilia until Slayer level 50 or so, saving up a stockpile of slayer points to buy your slayer helm, ring, perks, and to have enough for blocking tasks or skipping them. In total, that’s about 1500 slayer points, depending on how many slayer rings you wish to buy.

Below 40

If you’re on the lower side of the combat scale, at least combat level 40, Vannaka in the Edgeville Dungeon is at least a decent slayer master with some assignments that are appropriately leveled for you and don’t require you to fight in the wilderness. However, the only rewards 4 points per task, and if you don’t have enough points to block the high-level tasks you don’t want yet than I don’t recommend using him. What does blocking tasks come down to, anyway?

Below Level 70

After you earn at least enough for the Bigger and Badder perk, your next move depends on your combat level. If you’re under level 70, I recommend continuing to get tasks from Krystilia until you have enough points to buy a slayer ring and block any slayer tasks you don’t want to complete. If you’re above level 70 and have completed the Lost City quest (which you really should have done by level 70 combat), you can move onto Chaeldar in Zanaris, who rewards 10 points per task but assigns significantly better tasks and doesn’t require them to be done in the wild.

Level 85-99

At level 85, you’re absolutely going to want to be using Nieve for your Slayer tasks, as you’re going to be getting far better assignments and turning quite a bit of profit from her assignments. In fact, many players argue that Nieve’s tasks are better than Duradel’s, and there’s merit to this discussion. Ultimately, your preferred Slayer master is going to come down to the tasks you like doing more often, and the money is pretty good between both of them.

How about Task Blocking and Skipping Metal Dragons?

Most people who pick up Slayer spend far too long slaying before they finally understand what blocking and skipping means, and then it’s always a “duh” moment. So, to break it down:

Task Blocking

Blocking refers to the tasks you decide to “block” from a slayer master you use so that you are never assigned them. You can block up to five tasks, and the cost is 100 slayer points per task. It’s recommended to wait until you’re at the highest level slayer masters: Nieve and Duradel before you begin blocking slayer tasks. Of course, if you get a task before then that you know you want to block, you’re welcome to do so, but most players block high-level tasks that take a long time which is only assigned by these two masters, and any blocking before those tasks would just be wasted points. The tasks you block are up to you, but it’s worth taking a look at the slayer master weighting table before you decide, as it’s best practice to block the highest weighted slayer task you don’t want to do and work your way down.

Skipping Metal Dragons

Skipping, unlike blocking, is a temporary “pass” on a slayer assignment. Skips cost 30 points each, and a general rule of thumb is you should never skip more than 1 out of every 4 tasks, so you break even with your slayer points. Of course, if you have already blocked all the tasks you want, purchased your ring, and bought your slayer helm, you may wish to waste your points on skips, and you’re entirely in your own right to do so!

Hopefully, you’ve found this OSRS Slayer Guide helpful! Happy gaming, and until next time.

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