The definitive OSRS Vorkath Guide

OSRS Vorkath Guide
By | September 16th, 2019 | Categories: RuneScape

Since Zulrah was nerfed, many veteran players started to consider Vorkath to be the new replacement as the steadiest combat-based money maker. While it has significantly higher requirements to reach, it is much more rewarding than most solo monsters in Runescape. In this OSRS Vorkath guide, you will gain invaluable insights about this boss so you can farm him for much-needed gold.

What do I need to know about Vorkath?

Dragon Slayer 2 is the barrier between you and farming this massively overpowered boss. Since it’s considered an end-game quest, the requirements are quite steep and only a small percentage of Runescape players have successfully completed it. Assuming you have high stats & good gear, you can easily make over 3 million gold per hour in profit!

Some of its requirements include:

  • 200 quest points
  • 68 mining
  • 70 smithing
  • 75 magic
  • High melee stats

Once the quest is completed, you will be able to repeat the Vorkath boss fight with no limitations. Once you hit 50 kill count, you can finally upgrade your Ava’s Accumulator for the best cape slot in Range.

Vorkath is not considered a safe boss fight so Hardcore Ironmen will lose their status if killed. If a man is killed, you may simply go back and retrieve your items at the starting point.

Gearing Up

The most common way to kill Vorkath is with range, and nothing beats the Dragon Hunter Crossbow due to its 20% damage and accuracy bonus. This also stacks with an imbued Salve Amulet and a full void set, although using Armadyls armor would be slightly better.

This is what your gear should look like for an optimal trip:

  • Weapon: Dragon Hunter Crossbow
  • Shield: Dragonfire Ward
  • Ammo: Enchanted Ruby Dragon Bolts
  • Helmet: Elite Void or Armadyls
  • Body: Elite Void Ranger helm or Armadyls
  • Legs: Elite Void or Armadyls
  • Gloves: Barrows Gloves or Void Knight Gauntlets
  • Amulet: Fury or Salve Amulet imbued
  • Ring: Imbued Archer’s Ring
  • Boots: Pegasian Boots or Blessed Dragonhide

Inventory Setup:

  • 1 Anti-venom+ (no exceptions)
  • At least 3 prayer potions
  • 1 Extended Super antifire
  • 1 Bastion Potion
  • High healing food (like sharks or manta ray)
  • 1-click teleport (Fremmenik boots would work)
  • Runes for Crumble Undead
  • A Bandos Godsword For lowering defense (the best choice)
  • A bone crossbow for lowering defense (the budget choice)
  • A Saradomin Sword for healing (optional)
  • A Dragon Warhammer for lowering defense (optional)
  • An ancient mace for leeching prayer points (also optional)

Fighting Vorkath

Before the fight even begins, you need to hit Vorkath with the special attack of choice. This could be the Dragon Warhammer to lower his defense, the Bone Crossbow as a budget option (not recommended), or an ancient mace to restore your prayer from a previous battle. Considering that the first special attack may determine the outcome of the fight, you should go into every engagement with a full bar. Be sure to have Protect from Magic active to mitigate initial damage as you engage the fight.

Now that the fight is active, there are multiple attacks to be aware of:

  • A fire attack like a regular dragon. It may be negated by an antifire potion or shield.
  • Inflicts venomous Dragonfire if no anti-venom is used.
  • A Dragonfire attack that disables a players prayer. Be sure to have your quick prayers set.
  • A vertical Dragonfire that needs to be dodged or it is usually instant death for the player.
  • A melee swipe if the player gets too close.
  • A blue magic spell that can be blocked by Protect From Magic.
  • A spiked projectile that can be blocked by Protect From Missles.

There is a phase in the fight where players need to avoid pools of poison while avoiding a barrage of Vorkath’s Fire. It’s up to you to find a movement pattern that goes in a back and forth line as you need to constantly undulate to avoid damage.

There is a trick discovered by Woox that allows you to click on Vorkath and your current tile to be able to deal some damage while avoiding the fire. The ticks have to be perfect for this trick and it’s even harder with a crossbow.

Another notable event that happens periodically is when Vorkath summons a Zombified Spawn that attempts to get near the player. You will have to cast Crumble Undead on this spawn or else it will explode and cause an insane amount of damage.

The idea is to keep up with range attacks between ticks or phases as it is about making your supplies last until Vorkath is dead. If you have trouble switching prayers between attacks, you are better off camping Protect From Missles if you have a shield or Protect From Magic with a 2-handed weapon.

Between each fight, you should grab the loot, teleport to your house, recover in your pool and then bank and re-gear. If you have excess food and a full special attack bar after a kill, you can simply click on Vorkath to re-awaken him for a fresh fight. Multi-kill trips are better left for skilled players, though.

Can I Melee Vorkath?

Due to the mechanics of the boss, it isn’t a good idea to melee Vorkath. This is due to the mobility of the fight, and you would be slightly limited when trying to get back into melee range.

With that being said, using a Dragon Hunter Lance would be the only decent weapon to go up against him. Not only does it have a strong stab attack, but it also has a 20% damage and accuracy boost against this boss. Combine this with the strongest strength bonus you can afford, you can get up to 30 kills an hour.

Wrapping Up

Vorkath is considered to be one of the best and most consistent money makers in the game, which is probably why it has high requirements. But thanks to this handy OSRS Vorkath Guide, you should have a better understanding of this boss and it’s a matter of practice to efficiently farm it!

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