rarest fortnite items 2019

Rarity often equals desirability. This is especially true in the gaming world. Exclusive skins that are rarely dropped tend to generate keen interest among players—especially in games like Fortnite. Few things inspire jealousy among teammates and enemies alike quite like showing up on the battlefield while decked out in the coolest & gnarliest awe-inspiring outfits. Who can deny that it’s one of the sweetest moments in gameplay?

Yes, skins are merely cosmetic items that don’t add any stats at all, but there’s no denying the fact that they amplify the thrill of the game as you rack up the kills and wins!

So, what Fortnite skins are at the top of your wish list? What do you think are the rarest outfits in Fortnite? Are you interested in buying them from fellow players who happen to own them (for a fair price, of course)?

Here’s the perfect place for you to shout it out loud and the first step to make your wish come true! Vote for the rarest items (maximum of 3) that you covet the most and we will make sure to share this list with all the registered sellers we have in our marketplace (almost 120K of them all over the world). This way, they’ll get to see what players like you want the most and they’ll put those items up for grabs in the marketplace!  

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