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Upcoming PC Games in the Mix

All right, this is a spot where we showcase some Upcoming PC Games. We are here to fill you in and answer some questions that you might have about a particular title. Although the “Master Race” has been getting stiff competition from current-gen consoles lately, it remains a solid platform for gamers with strength in numbers. In true PC gaming fashion, most of the upcoming games are shooters, but who doesn’t like those moments of spray and pay?

Whether it’s a shooter, action, or other genres, a steady stream of games will flow. So don’t worry because PC gaming isn’t going to stop being the “Master Race” anytime soon, or even drop from the platform battle. Make sure to check in since we’ll be adding Upcoming PC Games.

When you finishing scoping out what’s good, dive into Interviews. We’ve got inside access to what entrepreneurial gaming developers have to say about their innovative app.