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Anthem Gameplay
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After a year of adjusting to the utterly disastrous launch of Star Wars Battlefront II, Electronic Arts (EA) seemed to have learned from their mistake. They released A Way Out, which, while not a real blockbuster, churned out decent reviews and was generally favored in the gaming community. It was also a bit of a refreshing release since it was outside the realm of their usual releases. They’re slowly regaining their footing, hopefully culminating in Anthem.

Read on for details about Anthem Gameplay, other features, and its release date.

How’s gameplay?

Anthem is an upcoming third-person shooter online multiplayer action RPG, developed by BioWare and published by EA. It is not an MMO, but you’ll be able to team up with up to three friends during missions. Anthem’s gameplay is in third-person view in exploration and combat but will switch to the first-person view when in the town. Its play is reminiscent to that of Warframe while being contradictory to Destiny.

Players are part of the Freelancers, those who leave their city and explore the surrounding environment. They do so through Javelins, exosuits that give them mobility to traverse any kind of terrain and the firepower to survive possible hostile encounters. There are four kinds of Javelins to choose from, with one available from the start and the others unlocked as you progress through the game. They’re also the stand-in for ‘classes’ as they’re called in a majority of RPGs.

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What should I know about the 4 Javelin types?

1. Ranger

All Players will start out with the Ranger, a versatile Javelin with a wide variety of gear and abilities to choose from. While simple and easy to use, it’s not to be underestimated. Novices will appreciate being able to practice with a large selection of weapons and abilities, while experts can appreciate how it focuses on precision and skill. The Ranger is the jack-of-all-trades Javelin everybody can master.

2. Colossus

For those who want to play a near-undefeatable juggernaut, the Colossus will be a good fit. It’s the biggest, bulkiest Javelin in the game and the only one that enables the use of heavy weapons. As a trade-off, players won’t be able to use pistols and SMGs with it. If you’ve ever wanted to experience Iron Man’s Hulkbuster suit, this is the closest you’ll be able to get.

3. Interceptor

In contrast, the Interceptor is the sleekest and smallest Javelin. Don’t let that fool you, though. With its speed, small frame, and a host of evasive maneuvers, it can cut through enemies before they even realize it’s there. It specializes in melee warfare with its deadly dual daggers, though several ranged options are available as the situation demands.

4. Storm

The last Javelin, Storm, uses ‘seals’ to unleash the power of the Anthem. It hovers over the ground and can call upon the elements to smite enemies or protect allies. However, though it holds considerable power at its fingertips, it has little to no defensive options. Its pilot must have a good eye to judge and maintain distance.

All Javelins can be customized by way of equipped weapons and gear abilities. That means that yours will be uniquely suited to your preferences even if a friend uses the same suit. Each also has jet propulsion systems that allow them to fly to destinations or propel them through water.

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What other features are there?

Fort Tarsis is the ‘hub’ location, where you can rest, clean up inventory, activate quests, and chat with local NPCs. As per BioWare tradition, you can create relationships with various NPCs. Against that tradition, though, you can’t romance them. It’s also where you can collect information for your codex and customize your Javelin.

There’s also a ‘free play expedition’ mechanic, where you can set out with no missions to do. You can explore, find world events, learn about the world of Anthem, or even battle bosses.

When is the release date?

Anthem is coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on February 22, 2019. A demo version will be out from Jan. 25-27. Get codes to download it by pre-ordering the game from any physical retailer. On those three days, contact the retailer you pre-ordered from for the code. Digital pre-orders, Origin Access subscribers, or EA Access members do not need a code. They can download the demo from their respective digital shops on those days. As a bonus, players who get to give the demo a test run will receive an in-game item that shows that they played first.

Looking Forward to the Rest of 2019

There are many great games on the horizon of 2019. However, the gaming world has been too hurt by broken releases and unfulfilled promises to be excited about new releases. Let’s hope that Anthem Gameplay will subvert our expectations in the best of ways.

In the meantime, we have January releases to tide us over before February 22. Continue enjoying video games!

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