A First Look at QC’s Breach Game

Breach Game
By | September 2nd, 2018 | Categories: Others, Upcoming

During the most recent Gamescom last August 21-25, many new, interesting games were unveiled. One of these is the Breach Game — not to be confused with the first-person shooter by Atomic Games as it is totally unrelated. Other than having the same name, here’s all that we know about it thus far.

What is the Breach Game all about?

It’s an action-packed third-person view RPG that has gameplay similar to Guild Wars and Diablo with a dash of Monster Hunter. It also has elements of a MOBA, with skills that either auto-target enemies or are aimed skill shots. The game has three modes, Solo, Co-op, and Versus. There’s also a custom mode where you can practice against enemies, or if you want to try out a class.


It is mainly a dungeon-crawler, but no two dungeons will have the same experience. With a human playing a Veil Demon (something like a dungeon master), you can expect a different dimension of the experience. Within the dungeon, there are areas where players have to complete objectives. At the end of it, they battle a boss and complete the dungeon. The main role of the Veil Demon is to keep the players from completing objectives. They can set traps or control the creatures, be a general nuisance to the opposing team.


The breach also has a rather unique setting. In the game’s universe, the boundaries between magic and technology are blurred. The result is an eclectic mix of high fantasy and cyberpunk tech. The class choices for player characters reflect this. There are typical magic users such as the Chronomancer alongside the technology-based Gunslinger. Even more, classes are available, such as an acrobatic sword user and other magic-based ones.

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When can I play the game?

The earliest you can enjoy this game is through the Early Access release on Steam later in the year. The full release will be sometime next year. While it’s a long wait, the good news is that it will be a free-to-play game upon full release. It may mean that early access will have to be paid, but that’s a small price to pay so you can support the developers.

Who are the developers of Breach?

They’re called QC and former members of BioWare lead the team. With them in the lead, this game is sure to be a hit. Just look at Mass Effect and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Branching out is good. Their experience in single-player RPGs won’t completely translate for a multiplayer one. However, it is a solid groundwork for plot and some mechanics. In short, Breach bears the burden of high expectations. Let’s hope it doesn’t get crushed beneath the weight.

That’s All Folks!

For a game that’s going to be on Early Access soon, there’s not much information on it. More is sure to come, though, as the game develops further and the release draws near. Besides, the mystery serves to increase the hype for it.

Are you excited for the Breach Game? We are too. See you in the dungeon soon!

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