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Dead Frontier 2: The Zombie MMO You Should Play

Dead Frontier 2
By | July 22nd, 2018 | Categories: Others, Upcoming

Want a game that’s reminiscent of Resident Evil but offers you the chance to play with a friend? Tired of the same old maps and strategies from Left 4 Dead? Your prayers have been answered because Dead Frontier 2 is just the game you need!

What is Dead Frontier 2?

It’s a zombie survival MMO, which sets it apart from the single-player RE and the up-to-4-player co-op mode made famous by the likes of Left 4 Dead. Other mechanics are similar, such as the scarce resources and scavenging for ammo and weapons. However, Dead Frontier 2 also has an RPG mechanic where players can customize their character’s skills, ‘job’, and look.

There is also a survival aspect to the game which means managing your character’s health. The Steam page of the game only lists it as ‘Basic survival mechanics’ which doesn’t say anything about how the developers interpret that. It could be gauges that go down over time or detrimental effects when your character doesn’t eat or sleep for a while. Regardless, they are indeed new mechanics that make for interesting gameplay down the line.

Like other MMOs, you have the option to play solo or with a group of friends. The game supports up to 8 players in a single instance. There will also be a marketplace where you can trade with other players in a player-driven economy. Adding to that is daily quests, as well as basic puzzles to access more areas.

The full release will feature global bosses where everyone works together to fight off hordes of infected. Player-created safe houses also will feature in the full game. It may be the game’s version of player housing, customizable and personalize-able by owners. Best of all, it promises to be not pay-to-win. Anything you can buy from a cash shop will not give any gameplay advantages.

What does gameplay look like?

Trailers and sneak peek portray it as a third-person-view shooter. The HUD (heads-up-display) looks pretty minimalistic — which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The skills are positioned on the lower left corner and the ammo counter opposite it. To help you survive the apocalyptic dirge of undead hordes, there are guns and melee weapons scattered around the environment available to players.

Aiming here isn’t the usual ‘point and shoot’ deal that you find in other games. When players aim to shoot, the crosshair starts out wide and closes into the center of the screen. Shooting while it’s still wide would make the shot miss more often. The reverse is true too, that pulling the trigger when it’s closed in the center makes the shot more accurate. It’s a great mechanic to emphasize the scarcity of ammo.

More info on gameplay should spread as the game nears release.

When and where can I play the game?

Dead Frontier 2 will be available on Steam on August 31. It will be released first on Early Access, as the developers iron out bugs and test out features. The full game will be released within two years of the opening of Early Access if all goes well.

It will be free-to-play once released, in Early Access and the official one. So far, they’re only planning on a PC release. But who knows? If it gains enough attention, Creaky Corpse Ltd. just might consider releasing the game on consoles.

Are you excited?

Dead Frontier 2 is going where no other zombie survival game has gone. More players, more challenges, and more fun. This is the definitive game for anyone who loves bashing zombies in the face. So go and add the game in your Steam wishlist if you haven’t already done so. That way, you’ll be notified once it’s up, and then you can download and get right in on the action.

In the end, here’s a reminder to take Early Access seriously—or at least don’t expect it to be a full game. Expect glitches and things that shouldn’t happen to happen. Report any bugs or problems you encounter, and suggest some features or fixes for those. Nobody likes a poorly made game, so take the time to participate in improving this game.

Other than that, enjoy what promises to be a thrilling gaming experience!

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