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Dragon Hound: The Lovechild of Monster Hunter World and World of Tanks

Dragon Hound
By | December 2nd, 2018 | Categories: Others, Upcoming

Dragon Hound is an upcoming Nexon title that’s centered on monster hunting. Previously known as Project DH, the game made its first appearance way back in 2016. This year’s G-star convention, a game show in South Korea that takes place every year where game companies like Nexon showcase many of their new works, is dominated by mobile gaming news. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something of note out there for both MMO fans and PC users. Since then, the game will be making another entry in this year’s G-Star convention.

What is Dragon Hound?

It’s an MMO game that is set in a futuristic fantasy world with large vehicular mechanisms and overgrown beasts. The game uses Unreal Engine 4 and is developed by DevCat who are the folks behind the cult classic Vindictus (winner for Best MMO at E3 2010), another popular MMO game. You can battle dragons and wyverns with Gatling guns, cannons, and other long-range weapons that are mounted on horses. The game is a hybrid party-based game with MMO features such as city defense, requiring a large number of players to do so, but in general, the core gameplay revolves simply around monster hunting.

Originally, the idea for the game started as a concept for a side-scrolling mobile game. Players are able to mount a horse, shoot an arrow, and catch a dragon. However, it was deemed unrealistic as the bow and arrow are far too small to take down a monster. Due to this, the project expanded exponentially, with the added inclusion of guns and a vast world complete with steampunk elements.

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Where does the get its inspiration?

The game is a mix between Monster Hunter and World of Tanks. A key difference between Dragon Hound and Monster Hunter is that the former has a much larger map and area for players to hunt, and the sizes of the monsters are much bigger.

Although both have the same theme, they very much differ in gameplay. In the game, players get to use horses and hunt monsters using long-ranged weapons, being more of a fast-paced third-person shooter, whereas in Monster Hunter you can either defeat the monsters through long-ranged or close combat tactics—depending on your personal preference.

However, there are melee weapons as well, not just ranged ones. An example would be the chainsaw which cuts through the monsters’ exterior easily, and there’s even a melee weapon which draws monster aggression. You have the ability to switch smoothly between melee and ranged weapons during combat is crucial for maximum effectiveness. In Monster Hunter, you can only defeat the monsters in close or ranged combat, not a mix of both attack types.

Additionally, players cannot get off mounts during the combat at all as well, making the gameplay something similar to that of Word of Tanks. You can also upgrade and raise these mounts in towns to make them faster, lessen stamina cool down, and many more such upgrades.

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Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of Monster Hunter World and World of Tanks, we recommend you keep an eye out for this one. Dragon Hound is one of the few high-profile PC games coming out of South Korea’s G-Star Convention. In a slew of mobile releases, it’s always great to discover and see a new and exciting game that dares to think outside the box. With over 30 different kinds of monsters to hunt (and most likely many more to come as time goes by) and a versatile combat to look forward to, the game should be a part of your list of games to look forward to playing.

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