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Earthfall Game
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Zombie shooters have become dime a dozen. However, the Left 4 Dead franchise managed to stand out. Just you and three of your friends (or online strangers) cutting a path through hordes of zombies using firepower and wit. Through its simplicity, enjoyable gameplay, clever focus on teamwork, and re-playability, the game shines.  And now, Holospark Games has decided to apply the tried-and-tested formula in its own shooter. Except for this time, players won’t be dealing with zombies, but with space beings on our planet instead. Welcome to the Earthfall Game!

What is the Earthfall Game about?

Published and developed by Holospark, Earthfall is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. But rather than the medical pseudoscience-plausible quasi-undead infected, the end was brought about by a meteor strike which ravaged the world and brought along hostile alien lifeforms. Now, you and three of your buddies must have the skill, guns, tools, preparation, cooperation, and perhaps even luck to live through the onslaughts of these cosmic abominations.

The fact that Earthfall took a lot of inspiration from Left 4 Dead is very clear. The characters are three guys and one girl. The aliens, like the zombies, are also either your usual mindless mob variant or the special kind. There are aliens that are analogous to the player-pinning Hunter, the controls-jacking Jockey, and the acid-spewing Spitter. There’s even The Beast, which is the game’s version of the dreaded Tank.

How is the game different?

Don’t think, however, that it simply replaced Valve’s medical sci-fi horror theme with an astrobiological threat. In fact, Earthfall, depending on your perspective, either improves on Left 4 Dead’s working combination or adds a few elements to make Earthfall a completely unique game altogether.

The first one would be the setting. While the first Left 4 Dead is set in Pennsylvania, and the second is set in Georgia and Louisiana, Earthfall is set in the Pacific Northwest. The beautiful locations are going to make you California dreaming, if not for the aliens that are after your sweet, sweet human meat.

Another huge difference would be the 3D-printed weapons. In Left 4 Dead and its sequel, you’ll be getting your weapons either in safehouses or random points throughout the map. While in Earthfall, other than your usual real-life gun models lying around the place, you can also use advanced 3D printers to make one. And of course, Earthfall has a minigun while Left 4 Dead has none. That’s quite a huge difference.

What’s new?

While Earthfall has obviously Left 4 Dead-like special aliens, the game also has unique alien designs that don’t have counterparts in Valve’s coop-survival shooter. A good example of that would be the Blackout, an advanced alien with eight tentacles, as well as the psionic ability to levitate, project force-fields, shoot energy blasts, and even teleport. Another is the Enrager, a floating lump of alien flesh that causes nearby aliens to be more hostile towards nearby humans.

Last, but definitely not least, is that unlike Left 4 Dead, you’ll be able to build your own defenses, especially during moments wherein you’ll need to hold the fort. The better your barricades and other defenses are placed, the more likely you’ll survive waves after waves of aliens coming right at you.

When does the game release?

Currently, the Earthfall Game is still in its Early Access phase, so the game still has lots of room for improvement, bug removals, and new alien forms and tech. The release date is July 13, 2018, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. But so far so good, as it currently has a Mostly Positive score on Steam, and a lot of streamers, YouTubers, and even ordinary players are having a blast with it. Give Earthfall a shot. Who knows? You just might fall for it and leave other games for dead.

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