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Getting Hyped for the Mad World Game

Mad World Game
By | October 14th, 2018 | Categories: Others, Upcoming

Welcome to a wonderfully eerie world of sheer madness. One where the senseless, in a weird and twisted way, actually makes sense. MMO fans with an affinity for action RPG are set for a jaw-dropping adventure with the upcoming Mad World Game!

What’s the Mad World Game about?

Mad World is an HTML5 cross-platform browser-based MMO. Provided that your gaming platform of choice is HTML5 compatible, you can dive right into the heart-stopping, leg-pulling action as you immerse yourself in, well, an utterly mad, mad world! This ambitious project is brought to us by the good folks from Jandisoft, a publishing company from erstwhile MMO Wonderland, South Korea. While publishers from other countries can be thought of like a jack-of-all-trades, Jandisoft stays true to its Korean roots. It plays to its strengths and sticks to the MMO genre through and through.

The game’s official teaser video does quite a bit in terms of whetting people’s appetite as it sets the tone for the storyline that we’re to expect. In it, we become privy to the fact that the bad guys have stripped you of your memories, leaving you to in a desperate scrounge to find yourself. All this is done with a gory backdrop of fiendish monsters to boot. Sure, the hordes of demons you will encounter in the game have no mercy—but neither do you. So feel free to hack and slash at them to your heart’s content as you battle to reclaim your lost identity.

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What can we expect from the game?

Mad World is an aesthetically-pleasing game with the usual suspects of MMO gameplay mechanics. You’ve got different classes to choose from for your character. You’ve got a weapon-based skill tree that you can develop that character from as you progress. You have a plethora of cosmetics to choose from so character customization won’t be an issue at all. Overall, the game’s art style is somewhat reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas, which is sure to tickle the fancy of fans of the niche fandom.

Now, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of Mad World. What has us excited about Mad World is the fact that it’s only browser-based—all you need is a decent internet connection and you’re good to go. That means it, being cross-platform, has the potential to reach a considerably wider audience than that of games that require players to go through installation processes and the like just to enjoy the game. You can play it on the browser, on IOS, on Android, Linux, Macintosh. In fact, there may even be the possibility of this game loading up on console—who knows!

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When can we go gaga for Mad World?

While the game has been in its testing phase for about a year now, Jandisoft has been zealously working out the kinks. Naturally, there are a lot because that’s what the testing phase is for! There is, however, a pending release by the first half of 2019. We, as the playing public, just need to cross our fingers and hope that it pushes through without further delays. Hopefully, by then, we will have access to a fully-translated version because, while it is mostly translated at the moment, there are still non-English texts—much to the chagrin of non-Korean fans of the game.

Mad About This Game

Video games, in general, provide us with an incomparable vicarious experience as a means to escape the toxicity of everyday living. This is true all across the board—whether you’re a kid, a grown-up, a student, or a professional. Had a bad day? Play! Had a good day? Play! Done playing? Play some more! Whenever you’ve had enough madness, there’s always game to help you de-stress. This Mad World Game certainly delivers a healthy dose of escapism, allowing players to indulge in a different kind of madness than that of their everyday existence.

Do yourself a favor and get this game once it launches.

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