Rigging the Hunt: Monster Hunter World for PC

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The history of the Monster Hunter franchise has been, for a lack of a better word, interesting. What started as a PS2 game about a challenging yet enjoyable man-versus-beast struggle became a handheld mainstay for the PSP and later on the 3DS. That is until Monster Hunter World, the series’ long-awaited return to the more powerful home gaming systems, its first foray into the current generation, its biggest title in the West, and Capcom’s best-selling game in the company’s history. Yes, Monster Hunter World for PC is coming this August.

What is Monster Hunter World for PC?

For the uninitiated, Monster Hunter is a franchise wherein you’re tasked to take on monsters bigger, stronger, tougher, and sometimes even faster than you. The fact that the game uses non-system assisted combat scheme literally doesn’t help and won’t help you, but it makes the game more challenging and therefore enjoyable and satisfying. And despite being tagged as an RPG, level, or Hunter Rank is only for unlocking content. How you fare against wyverns and dragons depends on your gaming skills and your weapons and armor, which offer a wide variety of passive skills that either bolster your offensive and defensive attributes or provide special effects that aid you in combat. These weapons and armor require monster parts, and some of them will require a few tries to be obtained, giving players a grind loop that is fun yet tough mechanics-wise and luck-wise.

What changes did Monster Hunter World make?

Monster Hunter World employs the same formula its predecessors do. But aside from the beautiful and detailed current-gen graphics, what sets World apart is its quality-of-life improvements. If you’re a veteran, then gone are the days when you need to carry a pickaxe to gather minerals, or sheath your weapon and stand still when drinking a potion – and that’s just two of many. More importantly, player movement is now a lot smoother and agiler. On the other hand, if you’re a new hunter, then the adjustment from your usual hack-and-slash game to Monster Hunter World isn’t going to be difficult. That, however, doesn’t mean the game won’t challenge you.

What sets the PC version apart?

Now, if you’re a PC-only gamer your entire life and therefore will be trying Monster Hunter World for the first time ever, good news: you have a bit of an edge over console players. Aside from the fact that you’ll be able to play the game at ultra-high settings and 60fps (because any less and it’d be unplayable) the game will come already polished and with all the content and patches it’s received on consoles. So while the wait may have been long, it’s definitely worth it.

As an additional bonus to the details-obsessed master race gamer, Capcom announced that the game will have Advanced Graphic Settings. With this, hunters will be able to adjust environmental effects such as foliage sway, subsurface scattering, water reflection, and dynamic range. The game is already breathtaking in plebeian machines, so just imagine playing it in a bleeding-edge rig that’s ten times worth a PS4 Pro.

Last but definitely not least, Monster Hunter World has keybinding support. That means PC gamers’ edge is not just in the aesthetics department, but also in combat. We console players can’t imagine hunting using a keyboard and mouse combo, but you do you, hunter. After all, in this franchise, there is no one right way of taking down your query.

Final Thoughts

The Monster Hunter World franchise, after more than a decade, has finally reached what it considers as the new world: the PC platform.  And it’s no lazy port; rather, it’s a finely grown beast. Sogreenhorn and old-timer hunters in this brave and unexplored frontier, get ready: you’re in for one hell of a hunt.

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