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Smoke ‘Em in the Outlaws of the Old West Game

Outlaws of the Old West Game
By | March 5th, 2019 | Categories: Upcoming

Billy the Kid, Pat Garret, and Jesse James. These are but some of the names from the Wild West whose fame (or infamy) has been forever etched into the history books. With the Outlaws of the Old West Game, you can stand out and immortalize your name as well. Whether you uphold the law or break it depends solely on you. When the smoke clears, do you have what it takes to be the last man standing?

Here’s a look at the things that you need to know about this upcoming Western game.

What is Outlaws of the Old West?

Currently under development by Virtual Basement LLC (the team that brought us such titles as ARK: Survival Evolved), Outlaws is a survival-type sandbox MMO RPG with a sprawling open world for players to discover. As first impressions go, it’s quite easy to see where this game takes its inspiration. After all, it bears more than just a passing resemblance to Red Dead Redemption. However, you’d be greatly mistaken if you were to dismiss this game as a mere RDR knockoff as it offers quite a lot of features that separate it and enable it to stand on its own two feet. Set in 19th century America, Outlaws will support up to 150 players in an epic adventure unlike any other through the Wild, Wild West.

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How about the features that set it apart?

To cater to all types of gaming tastes, it will have the usual PvP, PvE, and even Role-Playing servers. On top of this, the game will also have a morality system that will label users according to how they interact with other players. As far as activities go, players will also have the opportunity to farm resources. In turn, players can use these resources to build their own homesteads as a base of operations. Much like forts in other fantasy games, these homesteads can be used by players as a means to defend their own territories. Be advised though, as other players can target your homestead during raids and ruin what you’ve built. On top of that, you can also go on hunting activities. Through hunting, you can gain pelts to be used for clothing, or you can gain loyal companions by taming certain animals—mounts such as horses included. Lastly, players can also go on mining sprees (Outlaws’ dungeon activity) to obtain gold which can be used for trading purposes. Be careful though as you’ll have to go through crazed miners for this.

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To Draw or Not to Draw?

Are you quick on the draw? Do you have the guts to reach for glory in the Wild West? Then this game is definitely for you. Otherwise, you’d be better off leaving your sidearm in the holster. The Outlaws of the Old West Game is set to give players a chance to vicariously explore the rugged adventures of the West. While the road to the West has indeed been paved by titles such as RDR (and its subsequent follow-up), it’s undeniable that there is still more ground to be covered. Whether or not this game will do that remains to be seen.

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    emma March 26, 2019 at 11:03 pm - Reply

    Like this games are very much interested. i’m playing similar game on mobile. But graphics are bit low compared to PC. PC games are excellent graphics and also eyes could not strain compare to mobile phone.

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