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Scum the Game
By | August 13th, 2018 | Categories: Others, Upcoming

Are you tired of the run-in-the-mill battle royale approach? Do you want a title with much more emphasis on strategy? Are you craving for a survival game with more realistic mechanics? Well, good things come to those who wait. And if you can hold onto your horses just a tad bit, you’re sure to be rewarded. SCUM the game is coming to early access on Steam!

What is SCUM the Game?

It is an online multiplayer open world survival game. SCUM puts players in a ‘prison riot’ situation. In-universe, it’s explained as a reality TV show since society lacks entertainment and has subsequently turned to bloodshed. It explains other mechanics such as ‘resurrection’ as the producers bring dead players back for more entertainment. Tickled your fancy yet? Well, there’s more to come!

The ‘contestants’ are left on an island called Bagne de Cayenne, and they’re given the ultimate task of survival. To leave the island, they have to figure out how to remove the chip that prevents them from doing so. They have to explore, battle, or even cooperate with each other. Also, they need to fight for fame and support from the viewers, sponsors, and producers. It may mean that players can have certain advantages because they have popular support.

How is it different from other Battle Royale games?

One key difference is the survival aspect of SCUM as its complexity offers something different from the norm of other survival games. Aside from managing the usual hunger, thirst, and sleep, there are metabolism, activity/exercise, and training to think of as well.

That means body mass and shape affects movement and combat. If you eat much and not exercise, your character will become easily tired. On the flipside, if you don’t eat much but are very active, you’ll be ineffective in combat. There’s also training, where better-trained characters perform better than those who aren’t. According to the developer’s notes, wetness, smell, and defecation have effects which other players can take advantage of. The latter leaves physical evidence someone else can track, for example.

More than that, the developers say that skills such as cooking, hacking, and hunting will also play an important part in your success or failure. The open world is their playground as well. The inmates can walk, run, jump, and swim. A vaulting and climbing mechanic ensures that players can move fluidly through the environment.  Take care, though, that you don’t carry too many items as doing so can slow down movement and drain stamina faster as opposed to traveling light.

Another difference from other battle royale games is SCUM has third-person and first-person view modes. Players can switch between these two modes. One might think that those who use the former to have the advantage to peek over cover or around corners. However, to keep things even, in that view, anything the character doesn’t see will be blurred.

Will the game deliver?

That is a very good question that has no definite answer yet. All the developer’s notes and previews paint an optimistic future for the game. However, since it’s not out yet, we can’t tell for sure if it will. Good thing it’s going to be on Steam sometime this August. They’ve made this game so complex that it’s hard to believe that they’ll be able to properly deliver.

Early Access will test the game. Whether or not the game will show its true colors, we’ll just have to see.


SCUM the game puts new twists to the tried and tested battle royale and survival genre. Making it more realistic puts new depth and more strategic potential to the formula. This game is ambitious. There’s no question about that. So here’s hoping that everything goes well for this game because in doing so, it just might revolutionize survival games forever.

See you in Bagne de Cayenne soon! Happy gaming!

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