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Ship of Heroes
By | December 16th, 2018 | Categories: Others, Upcoming

Why settle for just another ordinary superhero game when you can indulge in one that offers unparalleled customizability? Get ready to bust some skulls with an entire Ship of Heroes! Yup! The dawning of the definitive superhero MMO will soon be upon us and all we need to do is hop on the bandwagon to enjoy the ride.

What is Ship of Heroes?

The brainchild of the whizzes at Heroic Games Corporation, Ship of Heroes is a full-on MMO that aims to cater to the superhero fandom. While still on its combat alpha mode, we can say with a fair amount of confidence that it will be a game to be reckoned with come time for its full release. A great majority of its gameplay will revolve around the jobs that you choose for your characters. Among the choices are mercenary, healer, and harvester. As always with MMOs, exactly how immersive and enjoyable the gaming experience is will rely on your choice of character job, so make sure to pick one that is a hand and glove fit for your personal style of play.

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How does it differ from DC Universe Online?

While SoH is indeed reminiscent of the rather popular DC Universe Online game, Heroic Games Corp. manages to inject ample amounts of uniqueness into their game. This is readily apparent in the fact that, unlike the heroes from the DC Universe Online, the heroes you create in this game won’t be limited to a set template for you to follow. It’s up to you to acquire the superpowers your character will have and it’s up to you to make the choices that ultimately define your character. In short, you can create and develop a character that’s pretty much hodgepodge mix of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman with unique power sets thrown into the mix! On top of that, the game’s developers promise to give fans a game that’s rooted in realism—at least much more than other superhero games currently available in the market.

Is it a ship worth getting on?

Definitely. The team behind this game is quite famous for raising the bar when it comes to character customization. As a result, gameplay experience will be suited to players’ exact specifications. It’s not the type of ship you get on just so you can enjoy the ride; it’s the type of ship that you commandeer and ride to whatever destination you so choose!

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But Wait! There’s More!

If you’re excited about this game judging by what you’ve read thus far, we’re not going to blame you. It is quite an intriguing prospect. However, you’ll need to hold your horses for a bit. As of press time, there is no specific release date. So potential players will just have to wait indefinitely and hope that the developers will be able to promptly deliver on the lofty promise that Ship of Heroes holds. Heroic Games Corp. had better stay up on their toes and keep their fingers crossed that the public interest they’ve garnered thus far won’t wane and altogether fan out. Considering that they’ve managed to consistently keep up with their schedule milestones, we really shouldn’t worry about delays.

If you’re a fan of superhero MMO games, it will soon be high time you jumped ship—literally! The hype around Ship of Heroes is so tangible, you can almost taste it. Whether you’re a City of Heroes fan, a DC Universe Online fan, or simply a gaming fan in general, SoH has enough wonders in the works to keep you titillated for an eagerly anticipated release date. Stay tuned for developments because a whole ship of superheroes is coming your way!

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