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Breaking Away from the Battle Royale Norm with the Spellbreak Game

Spellbreak Game
By | October 28th, 2018 | Categories: Others, Upcoming

Last October 24, Proletariat GamesDropped a major bomb in the gaming world by releasing the much-anticipated title: Spellbreak. Currently, in pre-alpha mode, it has already managed to make waves in the gaming world! What exactly does this Spellbreak Game have to offer that we haven’t already had with previous releases?

Let’s take a quick peek at what we’ve seen so far and what we might see down the road.

What is Spellbreak?

What do you get when you add a dash of Harry Potter-inspired fantasy into a bubbly brewing cauldron of Battle Royale? You get Spellbreak! This game, so to speak, breaks from the norm of your garden-variety Battle Royale games so get ready for a magical treat! With the unique twist of elemental magic and utterly stunning explosions, it gives players quite a visual treat on top of fresh gameplay.

Spellbreak separates itself from the rest of the pack as it offers players a level playing field since it moves away from the usual shooting gameplay mechanics. The strategy involved in the game lets players combine both elements of their gauntlets, thus deviating from the usual Battle Royale norms. It teaches players to adapt. Conventional shooting games allow players the luxury of playing to their strengths—such as letting snipers be snipers, and so on.

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What does spellbreak have to offer?

Does Spellbreak really have anything new to offer fans of Battle Royale games?  In a nutshell, it does. This game brings in a new angle, via the infusion of magic, to the already solid genre. Since its proliferation, titles have sprouted one after another—of course, with Fortnite and PUBG leading the way. While some releases have indeed been noteworthy, there have been a couple of titles that have been laughable mediocre, you say the least. This begs the question: Are game developers beating the genre down to the ground? After all, there can only be so many iterations of the same thing before gamers say enough is enough and give up on the genre altogether.

The bottom line: This game’s release not just a mere act of cashing in on an already flourishing game genre. Spellbreakreally has much more to offer than mere imitation. In fact, we’re inclined to feel that its eye candy aesthetics and captivating game dynamics may very well be what Battle Royale in general needs to keep people interested and playing for a long time to come. One thing we’ll say, though, is that while Spellbreak does indeed lend itself to the Battle Royale template quite well, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume that may also do well to crossover to the single-player, open world MMORPG realm.

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Casting Spells & Breaking Boundaries

Oftentimes, trends—whether in gaming or otherwise—become so much the norm that they end up being a tad bit too cliché. With this added twist, Proletariat Games managed to infuse a distinct hint of freshness to an already massive genre without necessarily taking away the qualities that have made it appealing to the general gaming public. The Spellbreak Game is here and it’s set to raise the bar even higher for Battle Royale than ever before. With magic, fire, mayhem, and explosions galore, you can mark our words: This game will have you spellbound because it’s really all that and then some!

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