Splitgate Arena Warfare: The Past, Present, and Future

Splitgate Arena Warfare
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Nowadays shooters are no longer simple affairs. It’s no longer just about getting a gun and knowing how to move and shoot, as well as being accurate and quick, but these days class/job roles, passive skills, and even progression come into play. Splitgate Arena Warfare, however, wants to break away from this trending monotony and return to the genre’s late 90s to mid-2000s roots: pure skill and teamwork.

What is Splitgate Arena Warfare?

For a lack of a better comparison, Splitgate: Arena Warfare is a combination of Halo and Portal. Yes, that means first-person shooter action that will allow you to open up wormholes on the fly. As the self-appointed X-meets-Y branding suggests, portals play a central role to the gameplay. You can use the mechanic offensively by warping to where the opposition is or even shooting them through the portal. In fact, the game encourages you to use the portal in this manner when you’re planning to take someone out. Take heed though, as your enemies can shoot you back through the same portal. Thankfully, your portals are opaque to them, so they’ll have to do a bit of guesswork in order to get you.

Aside from simply shooting through the portal, you can get even more creative. For example, you can open a portal on the floor and shoot your enemies below you through it, or open one on the ceiling and shoot those above you. You can also use it defensively, such as escaping shootouts and even save yourself from falling.

Lastly, you can also use your enemies’ portals. Like what’s been said before, it’s going to appear opaque on your end, but you can enter it. Be careful though, as you have no idea where it leads. Will you fall to your demise? Will this lead to a trap? Or will you get to your enemy, who’s completely unprepared? The portals create a wonderful risk system that rewards players bold enough to brave them.

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How does the game look?

It already goes without saying that the game has a techno-futuristic aesthetic. Then again, with a dev team that’s obviously in love with Halo, even outright saying that the second and third sequels of the franchise serve as the game’s major inspirations, it’s no surprise that it will look this good. In fact, it’s very much seen in the current one and only map as well as the guns, which both have that otherworldly feel and look.

Speaking of the firearms, the gunplay featured in the game is amazingly detailed and diverse, with each one having its own pros and cons, as well as firing rates and magazine capacities to consider. It’s up to you which weapons you’ll be specializing on— short-range, mid-range, or go sniper-range.

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Who are the creative minds behind this shooter?

The game is being developed by 1047 Games, which began in the dorm rooms of Stanford. Founded by Ian Proulx, the company’s CEO, and Nicholas Bagamian, the CTO, the two have been gamers for a long time. Ian even managed to be among the top 500 Halo 5 players at one point. Reflective of this expertise and passion for the hobby is the fact that the game is already looked forward to by a lot of people, including gaming journalism outlets such as IGN. This should be enough to assure you that Splitgate: Arena Warfare is not only handled by competent hands but also discerning ears that know what gamers want and need.

How soon can you start playing Splitgate?

The game is currently in closed alpha. That means it’s in very early stages of the development, with only a few select players that can play the game. Nevertheless, it’s already getting a lot of improvements and fine-tuning. If you want to see the gameplay for yourself, you can sign up for a closed alpha pass at the official 1047 Games website.

If you missed that old-school, twitch-type shooter excitement but at the same time want a bit of twist, Splitgate Arena Warfare fills that void perfectly. Either you sign up now and hope you get to be among the chosen ones to play or wait for the game’s official release this 2nd quarter of 2019.

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