The Future of Conflict and Shooters with the WW3 Game

WW3 Game
By | August 27th, 2018 | Categories: Others, Upcoming

War-based titles are always a hit in the gaming world. Be it historically accurate themes based on previous world wars or ultra-modern works of fiction, such as those delving on the possibility of a third World War, there’s something about war that keeps gamers’ blood pumping. Thankfully, a war of such magnitude isn’t a reality just yet. But what if it was? Today, we take a look at what the WW3 Game has to offer so far based on its early access.

What’s the WW3 Game about?

The game depicts a nations-versus-nations scenario where players will be wearing real life-based military gear and ordnance as they exchange fire in world-famous locations such as Warsaw, Berlin, and Moscow. The game features our current time’s political climate, military paradigms, tech, and of course, locations. If three historically and globally relevant European cities aren’t enough for you, don’t worry, as devs will be adding more maps later on.

What makes World War 3 different?

What sets World War 3 apart from other present day-based shooters is the amount of research poured to it. Every match is big. How big? Up to 64 players!  Aside from the socio-political and the historical aspect of the game, the devs made sure that real-life science and tech applications, its implications, as well as combat know-how, are in the game. Ballistics, armor mechanics, vehicular physics, and combat tactics are all taken into consideration by developers.

Realism, however, doesn’t always translate to fun. Thankfully, World War 3 also has that in mind, and the enjoyment it brings is very much true to its name. If that’s still not big enough, players can also bring in vehicles – including tanks – if they wish to dominate the playing field. After all, can you really call a tank-less armed conflict a war?

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What are the game modes and roles?

The key to winning (other than wiping out your enemies) would be accomplishing objectives depending on the game mode. There’s Warzone, which is heavily firefight-oriented and aims to have players either seize or defend fortified points; and there’s Recon, a highly tactical game mode which requires a small set of players to capture high-value targets in enemy territory. Both game modes are very reflective of the kind of operations modern militaries undertake – nothing less, given World War 3’s concept.

Given the nature of the game modes, it’s no surprise that team play is paramount to players who want to achieve victory. An important part of that is knowing your role, and World War 3 lets players assume either of the two specific roles, Attacker or Defender. World War 3 gives them access to gear that will help them fulfill the role they want to play.


Modern warfare-based shooters have become a dime a dozen. Still, it’s not every day that you find a shooter that pays as much attention to detail as the WW3 Game does. It’s a sign that it’s a labor of love, so it’d be no surprise if players love it back.

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