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Warframe Best Secondary & Melee Weapons

Warframe Best Secondary
By | July 21st, 2017 | Categories: Warframe

Welcome to the second part of the Warframe weapon tiers. High five! Keep in mind that the info is from this spreadsheet. Also, the sheet indicates all secondary weapons being tested. Rankings may change in the future. Now for part 2, we’ll focus on secondary and melee weapons! To prevent info dumping you folks, let’s concentrate on the top three weapons for both secondary and melee weapons. While secondary weapons are used in the same way as mentioned in the previous article, Part 1, there are too many categories for melee weapons. All right, let’s cut to the chase and talk about weaponry.

What are the best secondary Weapons?

  • Akstiletto Prime
  • Eupona Prime
  • Pandro

Akstiletto Prime

The Akstiletto Prime is the dual pistol is highly accurate, has a good critical chance, great status chance, fast fire rate, and fast reload time. Combine those perks with a large ammo pool, and you’ll get an efficient machine gun pistol. The bread and butter are this: there’s no recoil, making this dual pistol a sort of jack-of-all-trades gun. It deals mostly impact damage and has small puncture damage, so it’s inefficient against armored enemies.

Euphona Prime

A prime shotgun sidearm with high impact damage that’s effective on shields. Plus, it has high critical chance and multiplier, which makes it accurate for a shotgun. Its alternate fire mode that can be used while rolling is a very short range shotgun blast with a high-status chance.

The weapon has a slow firing rate and reloading speed can be slow. The magazine is small. Since it’s a shotgun, it’s hard to aim at a range, especially since it uses both bullet-drop and non-hits can projectiles. Ultimately, the alternate fire mode has is a range of effectiveness. Beyond that range, the damage is less. Also, it has a large, inconsistent spread.


The Pandero is the signature firearm of Octavia. The pistol has high damage, the maximum critical chance, and a high critical multiplier. Besides, it has a high-status chance and fast reloading. The alternate fire mode releases the rest of the bullets in the magazine in one quick burst. Combine these features with the magazine increasing mods to get a bigger boom. It normally has a small magazine capacity, and its alternate fire isn’t ideal for long ranges. Also, because the alt-fire option doesn’t enable the player to zoom, some mods aren’t sufficient for this weapon.

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How about the top melee weapons?

  • Atterax
  • Galantine Prime
  • JatKittag


Now, this is a Grineer whip that has high critical damage tied with several other melee weapons. It deals slash damage, primarily, making it effective on flesh enemies, such as Infested. Plus, it has a longer range as well as high-status chance. Atterax normal attacks have momentum, which means knock back or stagger won’t interrupt the attack. Slide attacks are the recommendation for this weapon. On the other hand, the drawbacks include slow attack speed and low impact and puncture damage.

Galantine Prime

A heavy blade with the highest base damage of all melee weapons and deals slash damage, mainly, similar to Atterax. Its critical chance isn’t as high as Atterax, but it’s still pretty good. Another similarity is momentum during regular attacks. It has a 6-meter range area of effect jump attack that knocks enemies down. Cleaving Whirlwind stance is recommended. The disadvantage of this weapon is little impact and puncture damage. The author in the spreadsheet said it best: “Great reach, great damage, great critical, great status, great great great weapon! And it’s a great sword! Hah.”


JatKittag is a hammer that has the third highest base damage. It deals impact damage, which is beneficial for armored enemies, but not so much for fleshy ones. Similar to the weapons mentioned before, the JatKittag has momentum and staggers enemies with regular attacks. It has a pretty high-status chance, ranking second of all the two-handed melee weapons. Slide and jump attacks knock down enemies, with the bonus of the jump attack having a large area of effect radius. Jump attacks also proc blast, and can ragdoll enemies very far. The recommended posture for this weapon is the Crushing Ruin stance. Again, it’s not as useful on flesh enemies. Also, its first strike may delay, somewhat.

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Perhaps these are the strongest secondary and melee weapons in Warframe, but it depends on who you ask. If you prefer other weapons, then that’s totally fine. All of us have different preferences and play styles so, don’t worry if you don’t have all of these weapons. You can always earn or buy them. Hopefully, you got what you needed in this Warframe Best Secondary article.

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    StrahLenforcer July 21, 2017 at 10:35 pm - Reply

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