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Insights About the Best Warframe Mods

Best Warframe Mods
By | January 21st, 2019 | Categories: Warframe

Anybody who’s been playing Warframe for more than a few hours can tell you that progression in this game is all about mods. There’s no level-up screen, no linear skill trees except for your Operator—just a huge collection of mods that can turn an unimpressive weapon or Warframe into a formidable threat. Because mods are so important to improving the stats and efficacy of your gear, of course, it’s natural to wonder which mods are best. Tricky as that question may be, our guide on the Best Warframe Mods will tell you all what mods are truly must-have.

What makes certain mods the “best?”

Choosing which mods are best isn’t as easy as it might seem. With a huge array of weapons, Warframes, companions, and other gear to choose from, the simple fact of the matter is that it’s rare to find a mod that’s the “best” in all circumstances. A mod that’s totally devastating on one weapon, for example, may be totally useless on another. We’ll give you some tips on which mods tend to be effective on certain types of gear but remember: you’ll have to use your own judgment on which mods truly suit the situation.

That said, there are some mods that, when used correctly, can give your gear a huge boost in terms of killing power and versatility. We might consider these the Best Warframe Mods because they’re so widely useful—or because, while more specialized, they truly excel in certain specific scenarios. Now, without further ado, let’s get into the mods you should add to your “must-farm” list.

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What are Riven mods?

First, let’s start with the most specialized but most powerful of mods: Riven mods. Riven mods are weapon mods that only work on one specific weapon and its variants. For example, a Supra Riven mod can be placed on a Supra or a Supra Vandal, but no other kind of weapon. Aside from their specificity, what sets Riven mods apart is that they come with a randomized set of stat bonuses as well as negative stats that are revealed once a certain challenge is completed while carrying a weapon with the Riven mod equipped. These randomized stat bonuses and minuses can be re-rolled using Kuva, which is useful since not all Riven rolls are actually useful for their assigned weapon. However, if you manage to roll a Riven actually well-suited to its weapon, it can transform even a mediocre piece of gear into an unstoppable menace. For this reason, well-rolled Rivens are among the most powerful mods in the game.

So how can you tell a good Riven roll from a bad one? The truth is, due to the specificity of Riven mods and the unpredictable nature of their bonuses and minuses, the answer will likely take a lot of personal judgment on your part. However, you can often use common sense to judge the general quality of a Riven mod. Naturally, you’ll want a Riven that complements the stats the weapon already has. For example, if you have a weapon that does huge amounts of critical damage but has low-Status Chance, then a Riven that grants a massive boost to the weapon’s Critical Chance at the cost of a minus to the weapon’s already unhelpful Status Chance stat would be ideal. Meanwhile, a Riven that grants a huge increase to Puncture damage for a weapon that has Puncture as its weakest damage type likely won’t be that useful.

Which mods are the best for Weapons?

Now that we’ve discussed Rivens, what are some mods that are more generally useful on weapons? The easiest answer to that question is “base damage mods.” These are mods that increase a weapon’s damage across the board by a certain percentage, making them almost unanimously useful. These mods include Serration for non-shotgun primary weapons, Hornet Strike for secondaries, Point Blank for shotguns, and Pressure Point for melee weapons. Multishot mods, including Split Chamber, Barrel Diffusion, and Hell’s Chamber are also must-haves, as the increase in projectiles grants not only greater damage, but more Status and Critical procs.

Somewhat more specifically, a weapon with a high Critical chance can benefit from Critical Chance and Critical Damage mods, such as Point Strike, Vital Sense, Blunderbuss, Ravage, Pistol Gambit, Target Cracker, True Steel, and Organ Shatter. Meanwhile, weapons with high-Status Chance and/or elemental damage can benefit from mods that add more elemental damage, like Hellfire, Pathogen Rounds, and Stormbringer, or mods that add both elemental damage and increase Status Chance, like Rime Rounds, Pistol Pestilence, and Voltaic Strike. Though these mods require a bit more discretion in deciding which weapons they best suit, they’re overall quite versatile in their usefulness.

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Which mods are the best for Warframes?

1. Streamline

Warframe abilities are often more specialized than weapons, so there are fewer universally useful mods for Warframes. That said, there are a few that are almost always good to have. Streamline, a mod that reduces the energy cost of using your Warframe’s abilities is one such example. Mods that boost your Warframe’s health, shields, or both, like Vitality, Redirection, and Vigor are also essential to increasing your Warframe’s survivability.

Depending on what your Warframe’s abilities are, you should also have mods that increase their ability strength, duration, or range, such as Intensify, Continuity, and Stretch, respectively. These mods are more dependent on what aspects of your Warframe’s abilities you want to optimize. For example, if your Warframe’s main ability is something that provides you with a damage buff, then duration and strength will be much more important to you than range.

2. Aura

Next, you absolutely want to find Aura mods for your Warframes as soon as possible. Not only do they grant extremely useful powers to your Warframe, like the ability to regenerate energy or reduce enemy armor, but they also increase your Warframe’s mod capacity, giving you even more room to optimize your Warframe further.

3. Ability Augment

Finally, consider checking out the Ability Augment mods available as Standing rewards from your Syndicates. These Augment mods are very specific, strengthening or even outright changing certain abilities of specific Warframes. Though they aren’t as widely applicable as some of the other mods on this list, the huge effect they have on gameplay can make them a worthy investment all the same.

Mad for Mods

Mods are an integral part of Warframe gameplay and progression, so knowing which ones are worth equipping is essential to success. However, remember: with the staggering number of mods available in-game and the dozens of Warframes and weapons they can be attached to, there’s plenty of room for improvisation. In the Best Warframe Mods, we mentioned here are some of the most widely useful, but you’ll undoubtedly find certain mod-gear combinations that produce even more mind-blowing results. So hold on to at least one copy of each mod and keep experimenting. With a little effort, you’ll find your own favorites among Warframe’s vast library of modifications.

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