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Warframe Focus Farming Done Correctly

Warframe Focus Farming
By | August 20th, 2018 | Categories: Warframe

So, you’ve finished “The Second Dream” quest line, customized your Operator, and chosen one of the five Great Tenno Schools. Now you have what looks like a cluster of skill trees to fill with Focus points and an Operator to turn into a deadly killing machine. But what is Focus and how do you collect it efficiently? Read on to learn these answers and other crucial information about Warframe Focus farming.

What is Focus and how do I farm it?

Focus is a skill point system that allows them to gain both new abilities and passive boosts for their Operator and Warframes. Focus is unlocked after the completion of “The Second Dream” quest line, and if you haven’t finished “The Second Dream,” you should stop reading this guide immediately, finish the quest, and then come back. Seriously, we’d hate to spoil anything.

Assuming you’ve completed “The Second Dream,” you should have been given the chance to choose from five Great Tenno Schools: Madurai, Vazarin, Naramon, Unairu, and Zenurik. You can unlock and swap primary schools at any time, so your first choice isn’t as permanent as it may seem, though you will get a head start in your first school thanks to a free Focus Lens. A Focus Lens is an item that you can attach to a fully-ranked Warframe, weapon, archwing, or amp that converts a percentage of your Affinity earnings into Focus points in that specific school. For example, a Naramon Focus Lens will convert a percentage of your Affinity points into Naramon Focus points. The basic principle of farming for Focus is to attach a Lens to a piece of equipment and then use that equipment to kill lots of enemies. Simple, right?

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How do I start earning Focus in a mission?

To gain Focus, you need to complete missions using Warframes, weapons, archwings, or amps that have Lenses installed. But you won’t start gaining Focus the second the mission starts. Instead, you can only gain Focus points after touching a Convergence orb. Convergence orbs look like bundles of golden light and their appearance will be signaled with a corresponding icon on your map and a pulsing, rattling noise. Once you make contact with a Convergence orb, you’ll have 45 seconds to gain Focus points, after which you’ll get a brief summary of how many Focus points you earned for each school. Convergence orbs can appear in any mission and will often spawn more than once, so don’t worry if one 45-second, Focus-collecting spree doesn’t net you as many points as you’d like.

Which Lens is best for farming Focus?

There are three kinds of Lens for each Great Tenno School: a Regular Lens, a Greater Lens, and an Eidolon Lens. Eidolon Lenses are the best for farming Focus as they convert the greatest percentage of Affinity into Focus points (2.25%, to be exact). Meanwhile, Greater Lenses convert 1.75% of Affinity into Focus and Regular Lenses only convert 1.25%. Naturally, the better the Lens, the harder it is to obtain. Regular Lenses are relatively easy to get as rewards for completing bounties on the Plains of Eidolon. Greater Lenses can either be purchased for 40 platinum or crafted from four Regular Lenses using blueprints purchased for 200,000 credits on the Warframe Market. Finally, Eidolon Lens blueprints must be earned from Plains of Eidolon bounties or traded between players and require one Greater Lens and five Breaths of the Eidolon to craft. Basically, an Eidolon Lens is best for farming, but Regular and Greater Lenses are much easier to get your hands on.

Which piece of equipment should I install my Focus Lens on?

The best piece of equipment for Focus farming depends on your playstyle. If you intend to be doing tons of damage and killing the majority of enemies, you’ll gain more Focus by installing your Lens on your Warframe. If you have your Lens installed on your Warframe, it’s best to kill as many enemies as possible using your Warframe’s abilities, making this a good choice for high damage frames such as Banshee, Valkyr, and Saryn.

On the other hand, if you’re more interested in playing support and mainly using one weapon, installing a lens on that weapon may be a better choice, as your Focus gains will be less dependent on dealing killing blows with your Warframe’s abilities.

Of course, if you have multiple Lenses, you can maximize your Focus earnings by equipping them on both your Warframe and your main weapon. That way, you’ll get the best of both worlds.

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Which missions are the best for farming Focus?

The answer to this question depends on how adept you are at stealth kills. Players who thrive on stealth can take advantage of the stealth affinity multiplier and run high-level Exterminate missions with their Lens-equipped frame and/or weapons. By getting as many stealth kills as possible on these missions, the stacking stealth multiplier will greatly increase the amount of Affinity and thus Focus earned.

For those who have less patience for stealth, Cephalon Simaris’s Sanctuary Onslaught is also very effective for farming Focus. This is because the Convergence orbs in Sanctuary Onslaught actually provide more Focus points as the player progresses through different zones, up to a 16x multiplier! Building up to this level on Sanctuary Onslaught may take a while longer than just running an Exterminate mission, but it’s an excellent way of farming Focus if you have the time.

Do Affinity Boosters affect the amount of Focus earned?

Your Focus gains are directly tied to your Affinity gains, meaning boosting the Affinity you earn will also boost the Focus you earn. So, yes, Affinity Boosters, whether in the form of the consumable item, mission bonuses, or double Affinity weekends, will all boost the amount of Focus you can earn as well.

Is there a limit to how much Focus I can earn per day?

Sadly, you can’t unlock all your Focus abilities in a single day. Instead, there’s a daily Focus cap of 250,000 points, plus 5000 additional points per Mastery Rank. Once you’ve reached this cap, you’ll have to wait until midnight UTC to earn more Focus.

Focusing on Focus

Your Operator may look small and squishy compared to your Warframes, but enough Focus points can make them a deadly weapon in their own right. Choose your Lenses, equipment, and missions carefully and you’ll soon be on your way to crafting an Operator-Warframe duo that can’t be beaten. Thanks for viewing Warframe Focus Farming.

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