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warframe orokin guide
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A lot of people like to say that Warframe is more about its resources than it is about the actual Frames, and there’s a lot of truth to that. Almost every aspect of the game requires resources that can only be acquired in a specific way in the specific place on the star-chart. One resource that you will require repeatedly throughout your Warframe journey and might often require planned farming is the Orokin Cell.

Almost every Warframe and weapon lists at least one Orokin Cell in its building requirements, and it’s good to have a number of them stocked up at all times. And while you can always obtain such resources through the Market for Platinum, it’s just not worth it when there are so many good ways to farm them. Today, we’ll be taking you through the most optimal ways of farming Orokin Cells in Warframe, and which Frames and nodes work best.

What exactly is an Orokin Cell?

Described in the game as an “ancient energy cell from the Orokin era”, Orokin Cells are a staple for building the best stuff in your Foundry. According to the lore, the “Orokin” were an ancient Martian civilization and the masters of the Origin System. The “Orokin era” was when they were in their prime, as they built technology beyond our current imagination. They used this technology and advanced weaponry to rule over the System for a long time.

Where are Orokin Cells found in the star-chart?

On a broader level, Ceres, Saturn, and Deimos are the three places on the star-chart where you can find Orokin Cells. In these planets, there are specific nodes that are easy to get Orokin Cells from.

A lot of people like to level up on the node Hydron, which lies on a planet that doesn’t drop Cells. If you’re levelling your Frames up, I recommend doing it on Helene (Saturn, Defense) instead, where you can also get a few Orokin Cells. I honestly seem to average one Cell every five waves, and there are teammates who will always mark them for you. Even if you’re farming on any other node, simply letting your team know that you’re looking for these cells is always good because someone will definitely put a marker when they see one.

Best places for farming Orokin Cells in Warframe

There are also Cell Arrays or containers at certain points on these planets that drop these Cells easily, so not every farming run will involve actually killing enemies. The following nodes are great for such “looting” runs:

  • Telesto (on Saturn)
  • Gabii (on Ceres)
  • Exta (on Ceres)

I also recommend using a Limbo Build for opening containers quick if you’re going down this route.

Another great way to farm Orokin Cells is to speed-run Assassination (or Invasion, if you like those) missions on one of the three planets. The bosses in these missions have a higher-than-average chance of dropping Cells, and with the right team (including a Speed-Volt), you can finish them much faster than say, Defense of Survival farms.

There is also a dark sector mission in Saturn called Piscinas that’s good for farming Cells. It is a Survival mission that is also a good spot for Plastids and the occasional Relic. Isolation Vaults also often drop Orokin Cells, but it’s definitely not the most convenient method for farming them. Stalkers also have a chance to drop a Cell, so if you’re in a mission and see him, be sure to go for him right away.

How to use Hydroid for farming Orokin Cells

Hydroid has always been one of the best Frames for farming any resource, but it’s especially helpful in stationary missions such as Defense or Survival. His fourth ability “Tentacle Swarm” summons a bunch of tentacles from a large pool of water that spawns before you, and picks up and traps or ragdolls enemies in the air.

Tentacle Swarm has a special Augment Mod called “Pilfering Swarm”, which doubles the resources that trapped enemies will drop. When farming Orokin Cells in a stationary mission like Helene (Saturn), simply sit in a corner with your team with tentacles between you and your enemies.

How to use Nekros for farming Orokin Cells

Nekros is the other popular Warframe for farming, due to his second ability “Desecrate” that makes all enemies around you drop additional (capping at a +54% chance) loot. This actually stacks on top of Hydroid’s Pilfering Swarm, or any other loot-based buffs that may be in play.

Desecrate also has a special condition where enemies that are exposed to Slash damage to their torso are all considered as different entities when you’re granted additional loot. Weapons such as the Atterax (a Grineer whip) are perfect for using with Nekros.

The Smeeta Kavat loot buffs

Smeeta Kavats also have a special loot-granting buff that can be availed using the Augment Mod “Charm”. Charm grants the owner of the Kavat one of the possible buffs, which includes additional loot among five others.

The “Double pickups” buff also comes with extra Affinity granted, and lasts for a good two minutes. Using a Smeeta Kavat with your Nekros will further optimize your Orokin Cell farming journey.


Fun fact: the Warframe community likes to refer to Orokin Cells as “Raw Potatoes”, considering their similarities with Orokin Catalysts and Reactors. They also have very similar in-game icons, but fortunately, Orokin Cells are much easier to acquire than the latter.

Following the methods in this guide will have you swimming in your own Orokin Cells in no time. Like all resources, I recommend having an entire team that is farming for the same thing (or on the same node) as you. Just go to Recruiting Chat and try to find such a team, so that you can actually optimize it, plan who will play Hydroid, Nekros, or the less popular option Khora, and you’ll have buffs upon buffs stacking up and raining Orokin Cells like there’s no tomorrow. Happy farming, Tenno!

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